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Saturday, 8th December, 2001 in Chelmsford Town Centre

Princess Elettra entering the Precint (1)

Peter Turrall, Marconi Veterans Association, Martin Easteal (black coat) Chief Executive of the Council, Princess Elettra with Charles, G0GJS (with cap) and Janet Olivia Lee, the Authoress of the Council's book on Marconi.

Victorian Carol Singers (2)

Victorian Carol Singers who sang for Princess Elettra and the Council Party.

Street Entertainer (3)

Street Entertainer
He danced with a model while on one metre high stilts.

Harry, G5HF and Brian, G3CVI (4)

President of CARS, Harry, G5HF with Ethel; Pam with Brian, G3CVI and Martyn, G4EFL.

Tony, G4YTG (5)

Tony, G4YTG dressed in Victorian Engineers outfit outside GB4FUN vehicle.

Donald Imber, G0VIS on the microphone (6)

Donald, G0VIS using the microphone in GB4FUN vehicle.
John, M0CQK is looking on.

Group picture behind GB4FUN vehicle (7)

Group picture of CARS Members at the rear of GB4FUN looking at the Certificate to be presented to Princess Elettra

From left to right:-Ian of the Science and Industry Museum, Colin, G0TRM; Helen, Wife of Dr Geoff Bowles Keeper of the Science & Industry Museum; David, M0BQC Secretary of CARS and Arthur, G3KPJ Founder Member of CARS

Power Plant (8)

Power Plant of GB4FUN with Donald, G0VIS (upper) and Ken, G7RFT looking on

Group Picture - Presentation (9)

Group picture of the Presentation of the Honorary Membership Certificate to the GB4FUN Member.

From left to right:- Geoff, G7KLV Editor of CARS Newsletter; Colin, G0TRM Assistant Editor; John, G8DET Chairman of CARS; Mike Dennison, GB4FUN representitive; Tony, G4YTG; and Ralph, G3NAA Celebrity Woodworker for CARS.

Princess Elettra signing Marconi Book (10)

Princess Elettra signing the Marconi book of Peter Turrall.

Taking down the Aerials (11)

Mike Dennison taking down the aerials at the end of a very successful day
He is assisted by a Member of Chelmsford Scouts, Nigel Hull, G6ZVV who is passing a bolt to Tony, G4YTG's hand.

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