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Wednesday, 12th December, 2001 in Marconi's New Street, Chelmsford.

Marconi's New Street QSL Card (1)

The 2MT Special Event QSL Card.
Marconi immediately after receiving the first trans-Atlantic signals at Signal Hill, Newfoundland. Poldhu on the right.
New Street, Chelmsford is shown in the upper centre.
This was built in 17 weeks by 500 craftsmen by June 1912.

Donald Imber, G0VIS operating Marconi equipment (2)

Donald Imber, G0VIS operating Marconi equipment using Call-Sign 2MT.

Carl, G3PEM Operating (3)

Carl Thomson, G3PEM operating the Marconi equipment in New Street.

Grasshopper Morse Key (4)

A reproduction of the early (1900s) Morse Key called The Grasshopper.
The back cam was offset to disconnect the transmitter HT to send a space!. It took some operating skills to use - well done Donald, G0VIS; Colin, G0TRM and Charles G0GJS.

Another view of the Grasshopper Morse Key(5)

Another view of the Grasshopper Morse Key.

Colin, G0TRN using the Grasshopper Morse Key (6)

Colin, G0TRM using the Grasshopper Morse Key on-air.

Group picture in New Street (7)

Group picture of Trevor, M5AKA looking at camera with Harry, G5HF on the right. Trevor was one of the organisers of the 2MT Event.

From left to right:- Malcolm Salmon, G3XVV - RSGB Representative, Trevor, M5AKA and Harry, G5HF President of CARS.

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