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Past Meetings in 2001

21stFebruary2002Added this Page for the write-up for the year 2001 Meetings.

The December Meeting - Kitmaster

Talk by Geoff Carter.

Geoff surprised the meeting by saying in his opening remarks that he knew little about radio!. He did know a lot about packaging as Director of Turner Packaging - and a lot about selling after he had bought Greenweld. He found he had purchased a huge warehouse in Southampton full of goodies. He moved this to Essex and sold the many bits and pieces as he identified them.

He said that the main Kit Building business has been overtaken by selling "nearly completed" items including a range of valve receivers for those who had never seen such a device.

A fantastic talk by an enthusiastic salesman who could sell anything to anybody. CARS will be organising a trip to West Horndon to look around the Warehouse. Watch this space.

The November Meeting - Over the Horizon H.F. Radar.

Illustrated Talk by Ken Perry, Ex Marconi.

Ken gave an illustrated history of Radar from Chain Home to today. He then concentrated on H.F. Radar and gave the example of the Falklands conflict as a stimulant for development in being able to detect a low flying missile - not possible with microwave Radars. Mention was made of the Russian Woodpecker system which thankfully is no longer operational. It's chatter had driven most of the audience nearly mad at one time or another!.

It is a tremendous tribute to the purity of the Marconi H.F. amplifiers that they were not knowingly noted by keen H.F. Operators in the audience.

Ken concluded his absorbing talk with a brief description of the Australian H.F. Radar - mainly designed and built in Chelmsford.

Thank you Ken for such an interesting talk and incorporating so much information about the Ionosphere which is of interest to the Radio Amateur.

The October Meeting was the Society's Annual General Meeting.

Dr Geoff Bowles, Keeper of the Science and Industry Museum at Sandford Mill was made a Honourable Member of the Society and then presented with the Amateur of the Year Award.
This is presented annually to a person who has supported the Society well and in Geoff's case it was for the cooperation he has provided for International Marconi Days at the Sandford Mill.

The AGM was opened by Chairman John, G8DET who thanked the past Committee for their support and ideas. The past year had been very successful.
He thanked Bob, M0CSV for his year on the Committee, his place being taken by Trevor, M5AKA.

Reports were read by the Secretary, Treasurer and President.
After a discussion about Subscriptions the Raffle was drawn before a break for tea. The Raffle was organised by Chris, G0IPU and Martyn, G1EFL who provided 13 Prizes. Well done.

After tea a quizz was organized by Colin, G0TRM and then a Question and Answer session provided interest.

The September Meeting was a Table Top Sale organised by Colin, G0TRM. It was very well attended with 45 CARS Members and 14 visitors.

Club Members, Harlow ARS and Walters and Stanton provided goods for sale.
Many purchases were made and plenty of chat was evident. A good evening was had by all - thanks Colin.

The August Meeting was "The RSGB" by Malcolm Salmon, GXVV and "Repeaters" by Murray, G6JYB.

Malcolm introduced himself as the new Regional Manager. He also introduced Alan Maylin, M1DKP as his Deputy Regional Manager.

Don Beattie, RSGB President in December 2000 talked about changes he proposed making - they are now taking shape. The idea is to be more responsive to the Membership.

Malcolm talked for half an hour and then answered searching questions from the floor.
A good introduction to the new scheme - we will see how it will work out.
Malcolm wanted the Club to nominate a Member as the RSGB Club Representive - we have nominated Brian, G3CVI.

Murray described the new 6 Metre and 23 cm Repeaters which are about to be switched on near Chelmsford. He projected a picture of the Cavity Filters used on the 6 metre Repeater - very impressive.
He also talked about the new Internet Repeaters which are springing up all around the country. They are also called Radio Internet Gateways

A superb evening given by 2 excellent speakers - thank you.

The July Meeting was "Satellites" by Frank Howe, G3FIJ.

A good turn-out listened to Frank give the history of Amateur Satellites. Frank even played a tape recording of the Russian Sputnik which was really the start of the satellite era.

There were many Amateur Satellites - each was described with its frequency of operation - many examples of QSOs via the satellite were played. This included part of a QSO with Helen Sharman and Andrew Foulds when they were on th Russian Mir space station.

A superb evening given by an excellent speaker - thank you Frank.

The June Meeting was the Annual Constructors Competition

The President, Harry, G5HF presented the Certificates to the winners of the June Constructors Competition. These were:-

First Prize - Bob, M0CSV for his PIC Tuned ATU
Second Prize - Anthony, SWL for his 12 volt PSU.
Third Prize - Geoff, G7KLV for his Synthiser Controlled medium wave radio
Special Prize - Peter, DK7SP for his E-Mail entry of a 2 Tone RF Oscillator.
Peter's Certificate will be sent to him in Germany.

Excellent Raffle Prizes were won.

Ela holding her pot plant with John, G8DET.
At the February Meeting, Ela, G6HKM was presented with a pot of flowers and a Service Certificate by The President, Harry, G5HF for running the CARS Raffle for 18 years.

Ela said that after such a time she felt she wanted to be able to mingle with the Members and to enjoy the Social side of a Club Meeting.

She is pictured here with Chairman John, G8DET who is holding the Raffle Tub for Ela to draw out Raffle Prizes which she has selected for the last time.

Well done and thank you Ela.

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