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CARS Meetings: Oct - Dec 2021

October Meeting
Tuesday 5th Oct 2021, 7:30pm
Online by Zoom
By CARS Members

The CARS 2021 AGM was held on Tuesday 5th October, beginning with the officers annual reports.

This was the second time the AGM had been held using Zoom and on this occasion John IMS hosted the proceedings having been guided well by John JOC who had previously set up all the parameters. Having checked members in John IMS then passed the screen in succession to the Club officers for their reports, starting with Chairman Elliot Riddle M0JBY.

Chair: Elliot referred to the Club activities of past year, which had been rather few due to the effects of Covid, physical meetings had of course been suspended at Oaklands and monthly Zoom talks took over and have continued to the present. Elliot said the social aspects of live meetings were sadly missing but he hoped things would soon return to normal. Elliot thanked all members of the Committee for the work they had put in during the past year. He then asked Andy IBN for his report.

Membership Secretary: Andy Kersey G0IBN explained that the paid-up membership stood at 79 and 17 honorary members with free membership. Andy said that one new member had paid up for year 2022. As agreed at the last AGM, members paid £5. Discussion again took place if the subs should be set at £0 for the next year, as it may cause possible admin problems - £5 was again chosen.

PMN. Andy subsequently reported that we now have two paid up members….77+ to go.
PS (subs are due at the AGM.)

Treasurer: Elliot then invited Treasurer John Roe G4IMS, he spoke briefly about the very healthy state of the Clubs finances. John suggested that it might be prudent to place some of money in a separate account. He would look at possibilities.

John also spoke further of the previously discussed decision to move our account to Metrobank and we would receive a bonus in doing so. Much discussion has taken place with bank personnel over a long period, John has made several trips to the bank to arrange the necessary paper work and the form in which transactions were carried out and what rights Colin TRM has as CARS Secretary and what rights John had IMS as Treasurer. John said the changeover is almost complete. He did not see any problems with the new bank and we have now received the bonus as expected.

Training: The next item on the agenda being Training, but in the absence of John O'Connell, Colin TRM read the report John JOC had sent to him: Face to face amateur radio training would resume at Danbury Village Hall on the following dates:

The possible cost would be; Foundation £15; Intermediate and Full £20.
See CARS website for details ( )

Throughout the Covid period, John JOC had continued to arrange on line training arrangements. On air Morse, classes continue under Andy Kerseys' supervision... All CARS training slides are gradually being upgraded to suit the changing Syllabus.

From the floor, John Bowen G8DET proposed that for a trial period CARS training should be free to all candidates. Following a discussion it was thought that candidates would be less inclined to complete the training course if it was free than if they had paid a fee. It was decided a fee of some sort would be paid. The actual amount to be agreed at the next CARS committee meeting.

QSL manager: Oliver Prin M0WAG stated that he is undergoing hospital treatment and would like to pass QSL manager's job to another person. Oliver then proposed that Paul Tittensor G4PVM (pictured) take over the post, this proposal was seconded by Colin TRM. The proposal was unanimously accepted by the committee. Colin then asked Oliver if would convey the result to Paul.

President: With the reports finished, the proceedings were handed to CARS President Tony Gilbey G4YTG for his contribution. Tony said he was very proud to be President of such a famous and active Club as CARS and thanked those who had made it such, they had done a tremendous job, long may it continue. He said that new committee members are required and urged all other members to consider standing for election or persuading others to stand. Tony then took on his other role as President and stood down all current Committee members. Tony then asked that Elliot should be re-elected as Chairman of CARS. This was proposed by Andy G0IBN and seconded by Chris G0IPU. Elliot was re-elected un-apposed as Chairman.

Elections: Elliot resumed his Chairman's role and instituted re-election of all current committee members. This was proposed by Tony G4YTG and seconded by Andy G0IBN. All members were re-elected. Vacant posts include Equipment Manager. Despite requests, no other new members stood for election to the committee.

Tony Gilbey again gave his thanks to everyone for their input and to John IMS for hosting the meeting very well.


Being no other business Elliot then closed the meeting at 8.45pm.
Date of next Annual Meeting October 4th 2022.

Minutes compiled by Colin Page G0TRM CARS Secretary

November Meeting
Tue 2-Nov-2021, 7.30-9pm
Online by Zoom
"AllStar Gateway MB7ISX"
Oscar Wood 2E1HWE

Oscar Wood 2E1HWE will talk about the MB7ISX 145MHz AllStar Analogue Simplex Gateway and the wider FreeStar network it connects to.

Oscar will first introduce us to gateways and the MB7ISX licensing and equipment setup. He will then move onto the wider Allstar concept and Freestar network and how it can be used to support major events such as GOTA- Gateways on The Air.

Some introductory guidance for users will be given... - and finally we hope to have a live demo! (relayed via our Zoom session)


  • Meeting ID: 886 7200 8408
  • Passcode: 101486

    December Meeting
    Tue 7-Dec-2021, 7.30-9pm
    Online by Zoom
    "Unusual Club of the FBK"
    Peter Ebsworth LB0K / G8CBK

    Our December talk on Tue Dec 7th will have a seasonal Nordic flavour as we get closer to Xmas:

    Peter Ebsworth, LB0K / G8CBK, will talk about the history of broadcasting around the city of Bergen in Norway and especially of the transmitting site at Erdal which includes a Marconi transmitter, that is now a venue for Norwegian Amateur Radio Club LA1ASK.

    On site are former Telefunken and Marconi broadcast transmitters. One of the remits is to continue broadcasting from the site, as a museum activity and to keep a (national) presence on the Medium Waves, on 1314 and 1611kHz.


  • Meeting ID: 874 6981 6487
  • Passcode: 551028

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