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'CARS Campaigns for Quality Digital Radio and TV in Chelmsford'

This page has responses to Ofcom proposals on Digital Radio and TV Switch-Over, and links to CARS talks on Freeview and Hi-Definition TV.

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Ofcom's Digital TV Switch-Over Proposal

To see Ofcom's TV Switch-over Proposals, use the Link below:-

Ofcom's Proposal in HTM Format - 22KB

CARS Digital TV Reply in PDF - submitted to Ofcom on 21st March 2005.

June 2005.     Ofcom has published its conclusions on the TV Switchover Consultation to which CARS contributed - we get listed as a 'Consumer Group'

Shock , Horror! - Ofcom's view tallied with CARS request for early adoption of 8K carriers to permit Sudbury and some new relays to be run at much higher power for decent TV reception (and with enough 64QAM capacity for extra channels/HDTV options as well) - See sub-Sections 3.22 & 4.21.

As Murray has said before -

"avoid old ITV Digital Boxes which will not be compatible along with some very early iDTVs

If they can get international clearance we will see some amazing increases in Freeview signal strengths when they start this in 2008+."

Ofcom's Statement on Digital TV Cut-Over - PDF - 170 KBytes

CARS Comment. A well written piece with plenty of detail & well argued comments.     Well done Ofcom.

DAB & DRM Digital Radio

CARS lobbied to get better digital radio coverage as part of the 2005 Digital Radio Review

  - Ofcom Page:

  - Useful DAB Quality Campaign Web Site:-   DAB campaign website

  - CARS Digital Radio Reply in PDF - submitted to Ofcom on 6th March 2005

CARS was one of many public domain responses to the DAB Radio Review - and the only Radio Amateurs to do so. They are all published at:-

In Nov-2005 a follow-up consultation occurred specifically on DAB spectrum in VHF Band-III to which CARS also responded

  - Ofcom Page:

  - CARS VHF Band-III Response in PDF

Links to Talks and Slides

Freeview - Dec-2002

Digital Switchover - Jan-2005

High Definition TV Slides - 732K Powerpoint File

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