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14th July 2005 Added Responses for 24GHz Car Radar by UK Microwave Group, RSGB, G4EAT & CARS.

Ofcom's Survey - Ultra Wide Band.

'Ofcom Raises Noise Floor in Amateur and Professional Bands!'

This would be a good heading for the ideas projected by Ofcom for their proposals with the Ultra Wide Band (UWB).

Ofcom propose to allocate 3 to 10.6GHz to UWB users.
CARS believe this is too wide and it covers Amateur Radio Bands on 3.4, 5.6 & 10GHz. It will also raise the Radio Noise floor to the detriment of all users.

It seems as though Ofcom want to be panicked into introducing UWB in the belief that firms may well import American, higher power, wide bandwith, FCC Approved devices.     CARS believe that they may well do that anyhow.     However, "the user will be the looser" if we have judged it correct as many of their 802.11b or 11g wireless networks, Bluetooth, WiFi & some cordless telephone equipment will fail in their office due to the increased Noise Floor.     See PCAdvisor, April 2005 Page 80 for such a question & comment.

CARS believe that Ofcom should tightly regulate this mode and ensure existing users are fully protected.

For example a higher RF noise floor will force Mobile Phone handsets to raise their transmitter power levels, increasing human exposure to rf radiation

Ofcom have initially allocated 77-81GHz to wideband Anti-Collision Car Radars.
In addition 21-26GHz will be allocated as an interim measure. These frequencies include Primary Amateur Radio bands.

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24Ghz Car Radars - Submissions closed on 23th May 2005.

Click to see Responses to the 24GHz Car Short Range Radar consultation: -

The UK Microwave Group has submitted the following Response to Ofcom:-

    UKuG Formal Response in PDF - 36K
    (They feel 24GHz is the wrong Band for the Car Radars)

The RSGB have submitted the following Response to Ofcom:-

    RSGB Formal Response in Doc - 38K
    (Concern over 24 GHz being used instead of 79 GHz.)

John Wood G4EAT has submitted the following Response to Ofcom:-

    G4EAT Formal Response in Doc - 32K
    (Concern over Ofcom not being in a position to "police" Car Radars)

CARS Formal Response to Ofcom:-

    CARS Formal Response in Doc - 34K
    (Concern over Ofcom not having advised EU Parliament over Drafting of the 24GHz Car Radar Proposal)

Ofcom's Ultra Wide Band Proposal - Submissions closed

To see Ofcom's UWB Proposals, use the Link below:-

UWB Responses to Ofcom

CARS have submitted the following Response to Ofcom:-

    CARS Formal Response in pdf - 26K
    (Concern over raising the RF Noise Floor and lack of consideration for the Radio Amateur)

The Amateur Radio Microwave Group have submitted the following Response to Ofcom:-

    UKuG Formal Response in pdf - 58K
    (Concern over UWB transmitting over many Amateur Radio allocated frequencies.)

John Wood G4EAT has submitted the following Response to Ofcom:-

    G4EAT Formal Response in pdf - 14K
    (Concern over not consulting with ITU, EU & CEPT and not allowing for Amateur Radio research & development.)

The AMSAT-UK Group have submitted the following Response to Ofcom:-

    AMSAT-UK Formal Response in pdf - 14K
    (Concern over Ofcom allowing transmissions over Internationally agreed Satellite Frequencies)

The following public domain responses on Ultrawideband have already been released by Ofcom:-

    Siemens Response in pdf - 74K (Concerned over impact on 3G and 4G)

    JFMG Response in pdf - 33K

    French National Regulator ANFR in pdf - 22K

All of them are worried about the impact of UWB on the noise floor or on future systems.
In the case of the French response, it is critical of Ofcoms own research/interpretations.

Ultra Wide Band - 79 Ghz Car Radars - Submissions closed

Click for formal responses to the 79GHz Car Short Range Radar notice below:-

   CARS 79GHz Radar in Doc - 24K
   UK Microwave Group in PDF - 22K

Ofcom has responded and acknowledged the responses to the 79GHz radar notice and promise to keep the Amateur 75.5-76GHz band (pity about the forthcoming infringement on 24GHz, but at least they will ask first!)

Ofcom have formally released all the public submissions, including those above, and their response to the 79GHz radar notice at

You will be pleased to see that Ofcom recognise the case for EU35 on the Frequency Allocation tables for amateurs and promise to implement it in time for 2006 to permit amateurs to stay in 75.5-76GHz, (not sure precisely when, but it shouldn't matter)

The notice is less encouraging on the 24GHz front in that it notes a newer EU decision to let radars onto 24GHz as well (though with restrictions) but does promise a separate consultation in due course as also requested.

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