Item Category Manf Model Description Guide
R1 Radio Alinco DJ-195 VHF FM single band handheld 20.00
R2 Radio Alinco DJ-G5 VHF/UHF dual band hanheld 30.00
R4 Radio Daiwa SR-9 Search-9 VHF Receiver 10.00
R7 Radio Maycom FR-100 Basic scanner 15.00
R8 Radio Telcom Talkeasy-100 Pair of PMR-446 handhelds 10.00
R10 Radio Yaesu FT-2800M 2m VHF Mobile 65.00
R13 Radio Yaesu VX-2E VHF-UHF Handheld 6M 2M 70cm 30.00
R14 Radio Yupiteru MVT-7100 Multiband receiver 20.00
R15 Radio Yupiteru MVT-7200 Multiband receiver 20.00
S2 Speaker BlueParrott B250 Roadwarrior bluetooth wireless headset 10.00
S4 Speaker MFJ MFJ-281 External Speaker 10.00
S5 Speaker Midland 70-2355T External Speaker 10.00
S6 Speaker Moonraker PMR-201 External Speaker 7.00
S7 Speaker SMC SP2 External Speaker 10.00
T4 Tuner MFJ MFJ-906 6m tuner 50.00
T5 Tuner MFJ MFJ-941E Versa tuner 50.00
A1 Antenna Diamond MX-2000 2m/6m/70cm triplexer 30.00
A3 Antenna MFJ MFJ-1736 6m J-Pole Antenna 15.00
A5 Antenna Moonraker MRW-100 40cm long vhf/uhf antenna 5.00
A9 Antenna Watson W-901 VHF/UHF BNC connector - 1 5.00
A11 Antenna Diamond NR770RSFoS VHF/UHF S0239 connector 10.00
A13 Antenna Unbranded (Oscar?) ? VHF/UHF S0239 connector 5.00
A15 Antenna W3FF BUDDISTICK HF Portable Antenna 80.00
A16 Antenna W3FF BUDDPOLE HF Portable Antenna + EXTRAS 150.00
F1 Filter MFJ MFJ-704 Low pass filter 30.00
M1 Meter AEC SWR-50 CB SWR meter 4.00
M2 Meter Avo Avo-8 Avo-8 inc case, flat battery 60.00
M5 Meter Watson Hunter 10MHz-3GHz frequency counter 40.00
J1 Microphone Heil iCM Hand Microphone and stand/boom 120.00
SW1 Switch Watson CX-201 2-way coax switch 10.00
SW2 Switch Watson CX-201 2-way coax switch 10.00
SW3 Switch Watson CX-401 4-way coax switch dc-500MHz 25.00
X3 Misc Yaesu CD-15 Rapid charger adapter for VX5R 5.00
X6 Misc Maplin N70AP Flight Cases 10.00
X10 Misc unknown N70AP Flight Cases 10.00
X11 Misc unknown N70AP Flight Cases 10.00
X12 Misc unknown tbc Small rotator (1) - with 70cm 8 ele Yagi Offers
X13 Misc unknown tbc Small rotator (2) - No Controler Offers
X14       Fishing Pole -1 10.00
X15       Fishing Pole -2 10.00