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Foundation Licence Course Slides

The slides below were developed by Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society for the Foundation Licence Course, and are made available here to the amateur community at large. They are intended to emphasise the key points in the syllabus and complement the RSGB 'Foundation Licence' manual. They were created in Powerpoint and include integrated animation for on screen use. On CARS Courses they are used by trainers on a projector first, and later as printed handouts to trainees at the end of a teaching session. Use of these slides is subject to our Terms of Use.

Please Refer to the Handouts Page for additional material on Operating Practice etc

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Note: Revised for RSGB Syllabus v1.5, 2020 (inc Ofcom EMF)

1) Nature of Amateur Radio   831K
2) Licence Conditions   424K
3) Technical Basics   340K
4) Transmitters & Receivers   198K
5) Feeders & Antennas   298K
6) Propagation   186K
7) EMC   372K
8) Repeaters & CTCSS   695K
9) Safety & EMF   298K
10) SDR - Software Defined Radio   163K

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