Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

1990s Field Days

The club started the new decade operating with the new club call G0MWT/P (M.W.T. standing for Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company) and operated yearly from Howlett's Farm in Blackmore until 1996. Here is a summary of NFD in the 1990s:


Details for the various years are below:-

1990: The club sought sponsorship of one penny per QSO. Operating with dipoles for each band and a long wire for 160m the team made 631 QSOs and raised 120 for the equipment fund. The team was 22nd in the open section.

1991-3: They improved to 20th position in 1991 and, taking advantage of good condition on 10m, finished 16th in 1992. To try and build on this the club organised two 10m CW contests in Spring 1993 to allow members to practise their CW. An allocation of 20 was made from club funds for insulators and heavy gauge stranded wire. The team achieved 16th position again in 1993.

The Field Day sub-committee, comprising Dick G3WHR, Charles G0GJS, Daphne G8WQZ, Gwyn G4FKH and Andrew G4KQE held a post mortem on the 1993 event and made three resolutions:

They also identified two problems; operators were not achieving uniform results and some kind of training is required; and the quality of logging had deteriorated markedly. They concluded that, while it is nice to do well, it is primarily a fun/social event for the club.

1994: When it came to the 1994 event the club was short of operators and entered the restricted section. The antenna was 80m long inverted-V on the Telomast fed with 300 Ohm line via a Capco 3000 ATU and the rig was a Yaesu FT747 with power from a Honda generator. Three operators, G4FKH, G3VMJ and G0GJS, worked four hours on, eight hours off. Logging was by G0LSY, G4IIK, G0BDS, G0SBQ and G4KQE using a combination of manual and computer logging. The team made 542 QSOs and finished in 25th place.

1995: The club had 4 operators who made 532 QSOs and finished 34th in the restricted section.

1996: The contest team operated from Sandford Mill. The newsletter remarks on the good team spirit and excellent NAAFI tent. Despite blowing up and fixing a circuit board in the club's rig, the team made 520 QSOS and finished in 20th place.

The report on the 1996 Field Day in the July 1996 newsletter is the last mention of NFD in the newsletter in the twentieth century.


NFD 1996: Geoff G7KLV with Chris G0IPU - and Gwyn G4FKJ with Andrew G4KQE

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