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Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

The Chelmsford Award

Latest Changes
29th October 2008 Added No 38/39 and Closure Notice.

NOTICE: The Award will close on 31-Dec-2008 - Please Submit Claims ASAP


Chelmsford Award Certificate

This award is open to all Radio Amateurs and Short Wave Listeners and is sponsored by The Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society. It is issued to commemorate the Centenary of Marconi's 1st Trans-Atlantic Radio Transmission on the 12th of December, 1901.    All monies collected are to go to the Essex Air Ambulance.

Click here to see on Flickr some nice photographs of the Essex Air Ambulance: -

MARCONI'S first radio factory for design and production of equipment was in CHELMSFORD, England in 1902 in a converted Silk Factory to be replaced 10 years with a purpose built factory in New Street, Chelmsford.

To obtain this Award, use any one letter from the suffix of a callsign of a station worked or heard to spell:-

Only one Callsign shall be used per letter, a total of 30 callsigns will be required.
One Callsign used shall be from a station located in the Chelmsford, UK, Postal District. [ The Chelmsford Postcode is CM ]

    For example:-

The "R" from G1QRT could be used to represent the "R" in   RADIO.

As a guide, the following major Towns are in the Chelmsford (CM) Postcode District:-
Chelmsford, (CM1, 2 & 3)
Ingatestone (CM4)
Great Dunmow (CM6)
Braintree (CM7)
Witham (CM8)
Maldon (CM9)
Southminster (CM0)
Harlow (CM20)

Any bands or modes or a mix will be eligible, no repeater contacts.
All QSOs shall be on or after 12th December 2001.
No QSLs are required, a log extract certified by another amateur will be accepted.

The Chelmsford Award via EchoLink

Yes, you can now get the Award by using EchoLink.

1. You do NOT have to make contact with a Station located in Chelmsford, UK Postal District.

2). Only one Callsign shall be used per letter, a total of 30 Callsigns will be required, together with 30 different mode numbers for each Callsign.


Callsign W4TCL. Use the C as the letter for Chelmsford.
Chelmsford Node Number is 265297.
Country Identification letter(s) are NOT allowed, eg the W in W4TCL.

If you require any assistance - please contact Martyn, G1EFL.

The Award costs 10 IRC or US$10 or £6.00 (GBP). Sterling only cheques can be made payable to "The Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society".

For every Award issued a donation will be made to "Essex Air Ambulance" which is an emergency helicopter completely funded by Sponsorship and fund raising events.

Send ALL applications to:-

Mr Martyn Medcalf, M3VAM/G1EFL
47 Paddock Drive

E-Mail: -       awards2007 at

It is gratifying to report that the Award is going very well, even one has been sent to Brazil.

List of Call-Signs Awarded the Certificate:-

1-M3VAM (Martyn, CARS Award Manager), 2-2E1GUA, 3-M3VAM (2nd Certificate),
4-PY2DBU, 5-G3VMJ, 6-G0SBQ,
7-G4SIS, 8-M3CAM, 9-M3CKA

10-G6XOU, 11-G4OGB, 12-G0TBD, 13-M0BQD, 14-M1BTG,
15-G0THY, 16-2E1RMD, 17-G3ZGC, 18-G3CVI, 19-M0BAW,

20-M3CAM (2nd Certificate and only using CW)
21-G4ZUL CW & 22 for SSB, 23-G4AQZ (Geoff Axford)
24-M3GUA (all 80m SSB-Jim Beatwell), 25-M0BQC, 26-G4YTG (CARS Antenna expert).

27-G0IPU on behalf of SCARF
28-M3VAM, Martyn - all contacts on 20m & his 3rd Award - Congratulations
29-2E1GUA Jim Beatwell - all 6m J3E & his 3rd Award - Congratulations

30-S53EO Milos A. Oblak (Slovenia)
31-G3CVI (6m SSB), (Note, he got Award 18 using only 18MHz).
32-G1EFL Martyn Medcalf using EchoLink.
33-G0TRM Colin Page using all Special Events Callsigns.
34-2E1RMD Brian Debenham using EchoLink

35-DE1KKG Karlheinz Kruemmer using CW and SSB
36-VK3TKK Peter Watkins, from Victoria. Australia, using EchoLink.
37-M0HEM John O`Toole - an Air Ambulance supporter.

38-G0TRB Roger Betts - all 80m
39-G0TRM Colin Page

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