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CAMRA Event - Chelmsford, 2012.

3rd November 2012 Added the CAMRA Event in Admirals Park.

CARS Operating From Admirals Park Chelmsford – Saturday, 14th July – 12noon to 6pm.

CARS have been invited to operate and support the Scouts at Admirals Park, Rainsford Road, CM1 2PL.

23rd June at Sandford Mill
Advert for Saturday, 14th July in Admirals Park, Chelmsford.

At 1pm there will be a New Orleans Jazz Band called “The Lady Killers” and at 3pm the “Sloe Gin Blues Rock Band” will play.

Chris Chapman, G0IPU and Peter Bridgeman, G3SUY will co-ordinate the CARS presence.

A tent and a 70ft wind-up tower will be provided in a secure compound.     GX0MWT will be used.

Sorry, but as with Oaklands Museum, car parking on site is not allowed except for the Operators cars initially and parking nearby is limited.     Walk from the City Centre or use the 51 bus every 30mins until 7.30pm.

Entrance is FREE to CAMRA Members or £3 but contact Chris or Peter for details of how to get in for free as a CARS Operator.

Contact Chris on     or Peter on

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