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Callsigns used include: - G0MWT, GX0MWT, GB5SM, GB70GB, GB5RVA, GB100MWT & M2T
Awarded the Kenwood Trophy for Training 2007 and Club of the Year 2009 by the RSGB.
Awarded Lottery Grant by Awards for All, November 2008.

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24th July 2014 Added the August Meeting.   Transfered April to June past Meetings to their 2014, April to June Folder.   Updated the July Meeting, Galleywood Common Event, Future Meetings, added the TARG/CARS Meeting on Canvey Island, Membership, May meeting report, Net times, Training/CW/Skills links.

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    Tuesday, 5th August 2014 .
    At Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street, CM2 9AQ.
    "Constructors Competition"
    By CARS Members.
    It is our annual Constructors Competition this month, be it a humble Dummy Load to an all singing all dancing Transceiver - bring it in to the Competition.

    As long as the item has a link to Amateur Radio it is eligible, the only rule is that it must be electrically safe!   If it too large to bring in to the meeting then an entry of a multimedia presentation of the item is OK.

    The emphasis is on the construction of the item, be it your own design, built from a kit or just copied from a magazine, we would like to hear about it!

    The meeting votes on who should win the monetary prizes.

    The now famous CARS Raffle will be conducted by James, 2E1GUA and Carl, G3PEM.
    Light refreshments will also be served.

    Tuesday, 1st July 2014 .
    At Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street, CM2 9AQ.
    "Launching and Tracking of 434 MHz Balloons."
    By Chris Stubbs, M6EDF.

    Chairman, John Yates, G1UZD opened the meeting with a schedule of CARS events during the past couple of months and into the future for a couple of months also.   He said the Skills Evenings had been a great success with a growing number attending.

    Chris StubbsTARG Meeting 2014
    Chairman John Yates, G1UZD opening the meeting to a capacity audence.
    Photograph by John Bowen. G8DET

    Chris StubbsTARG Meeting 2014
    The audience.

    Chris Stubbs M6EDF then gave his presentation on the launching and tracking of 434 MHz equipped balloons.   He gave a run down of the types of balloons and how they were equipped - showing one made out of thin silver material.   As the weather was very favourable Chris said he proposed to launch CARS1 so for the first time in 50 years Member trouped to a spot Chris has selected at the rear of the Museum.

    Chris StubbsTARG Meeting 2014
    Spot chosen by Chris for the launch - the area in the Sun.

    Chris StubbsTARG Meeting 2014
    Trouping to the launch site.

    Chris StubbsTARG Meeting 2014
    Chris preparing the launch - waiting to obtain Satelitte aquisition.

    Chris StubbsTARG Meeting 2014
    The launch.

    Members held their breath as the Balloon headed straight for a 80foot Fir Tree but the air currents swept it around with just a few feet to spare. Members then gently reassembled and listened intreged as Chris went through the details of how the various Balloon systems worked.

    Chris StubbsTARG Meeting 2014
    GPS Map of where it was after a few minutes - over Blackmore - to the South West of Chelmsford and steadily climbing.

    Chris StubbsTARG Meeting 2014
    Chairman John presenting Chris with a CARS Mug in gratidute for such a nicely presented evening.

    Chris took the Amateur Radio Foundation training course run by CARS in January 2013.   He is keen on both electronic construction and software development and combines the two interests in High Altitude Ballooning (HAB).   Chris has built many tracker payloads for his balloon launches which usually take place from Danbury Common near Chelmsford.

    In May he undertook a STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics) event for pupils at the The Sandon School in Chelmsford, launching a balloon equipped with his 434.300 MHz tracker enabling the students to track the position of the balloon in real-time.

    The trackers typically transmit 50 bps FSK RTTY in 434 MHz and can have a radio range of over 500 km.   The data transmitted comprises the GPS location of the balloon and other sensor readings such as pressure, temperature and altitude.   The signals are received by a network of listeners who upload the data to the UK High Altitude Society (UKHAS) central server enabling anyone to see the current location of the balloon on the web.

    Some balloon flights aim to achieve very high altitudes, others aim to stay aloft as long as possible.   Leo Bodnar M0XER recently achieved a record breaking flight from Silverstone to Japan using a party balloon with a tiny solar powered payload.

    Words by Trevor M5AKA and John G8DET.

    Carl and James will run the now famous Raffle.

    Chris StubbsTARG Meeting 2014
    Charlie and Carl at the Raffle Table.
    David and Myra (with help - hopefully) provided the light refreshments at the Break time.

    Another excellent eveing provided by CARS with visitors from London and Cambridge besides others.

    GB1JSS Summer Solstice

    Despite 40m+20m being very poor between 10am-2pm, things picked-up later in the afternoon.

    The RSGB Regional Manager, Steve M1ACB paid us a visit and not only had some very nice things to say about our activities but also managed an hour on the 40m station when the band had recovered.   Over 30 locals visit during the course of the day plus a few interested members of the public and the occasional 4-legged visitor. Charlie's summary, can be found here:

    Charlie would like to thank those who helped - despite the rather poor band conditions we made the best of it and met some new faces.   Almost 300 QSOs and 36 DXCC in the log on 80m to 2m on CW, SSB, PSK and FM.

    Thanks to Mark M6RKC for the gazebo which kept us covered in the rather hot sun and Rob M0VFC (Camb Hams) for spending the day with us to operate 30m CW and allowing us to use his bandpass filters.

    Finally, I'd just like to thank CARS for their support with the event.

    Thanks Charlie, M0PZT for the above report.    

    See also the Essex Ham Link

    CARS Meeting Place

    CARS meet on the First Tuesday in the month at the Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 9AQ.

    We meet on the First Floor. There is a lift for wheel chairs. Doors open at 7pm for 7.30pm start. Please identify yourself to Brian, G3CVI when you sign in and purchase a Raffle Ticket or two for Club Funds.

    Tea/Coffee/Chocolate is available on a DIY basis at 9pm break time.

    There is normally no admission fee to CARS Meetings - Visitors are always welcome.    

    The Raffle is drawn after the refreshment interval. Meeting will end at 10pm, as the gates will be locked at 10.15pm

    CARS new Venue-Oaklands Museum
    Oaklands Museum, Chelmsford.

    Directions / Parking

  • Click here to find two maps for Oaklands Museum

    You can drive all the way up Moulsham Street from Parkway but NOT the other way.

    Another way is to enter Moulsham Street after going round the Miami Roundabout (by Tesco), then along New London Road 200 yards, turn right into Moulsham Street and after 100 yards turn right again into the Museum.

    WARNING: There are three very high Sleeping Policemen to prevent "Rat Runners" - they will tear the bottom of your car unless you go steadily over them.

    There is plenty on car parking but it is not intended CARS to park directly infrom of the Museum - reserved for people unloading kit and Disabled car drivers.

    CARS Membership

    Membership is annual based on our October AGM. To be/remain a Member of CARS, send a Cheque for £15 for 2013-2014 to our Treasurer Brian G3CVI to:-

  • Brian Thwaites G3CVI, 118 Baddow Hall Crescent, Great Baddow, CHELMSFORD, CM2 7BU

    If you would like a receipt, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope with a 2nd class stamp.
    Note: Under 16s or in Full Time Education are FREE

    Please see the Membership Form by clicking on the following link : - Membership Form page

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    CARS offer a full range of Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Amateur Radio Licence Training Courses, Morse Classes and Skills Sessions:-

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