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International Marconi Day - 2017

IMD Weekend
Sat/Sun 22/3-Apr-2017, 7.30-10pm
Sandford Mill, CM2 6NY
"CARS Operating GX0MWT"
CARS Members

GX0MWT operated for IMD from Sandford Mill, north Chelmsford

International Marconi Day commemorates Marconi's Birthday on 25th April 1874, and is held on the nearest Saturday. CARS were registered as one of ~60 the Award Stations and operating as GX0MWT. An IMD award can be claimed if you work 15 award stations. This year the arrangements for CARS were spread over the weekend with:-

Saturday, Apr-22

Despite some iffy HF conditions, CW was operated as planned from within the 2MT hut

Dean G4WQI on 14MHz CW ops for IMD


Photos by John G8DET

Jim 2E0RMI who had recently ran the online radio stream of for the 95th anniversary of 2MT, returned to the Mill, this time running from the upper mezzanine floor.

Jim 2E0RMI running

Sunday, Apr-23

Sunday was the public open day for the 'Marconi Birthday Bash' event which saw CARS also being in the Barn. This included radio controlled cars with their own on-board wireless cameras feeding a pair of video monitors.

Andy G7TKK on the CARS demo in the barn

A lovely spring day saw around 200 members of the public who came to enjoy the many different elements of the 'Marconi Birthday Bash'. Tim Wander gave a number of his excellent group speeches about Marconi and all aspects of him. Jim Salmon 2E0RMI had a gazebo on the grass and a number of people engaged in detailed discussion about all aspects of amateur radio. Amongst the visitors was Adrian Soane, M0ABY who is the Almoner for RAOTA from Wheathampstead, St Albans.

Adrian M0ABY chatting between QSOs with CARS President Tony G4YTG

Colin Page, G0TRM and his comprehensive Morse display was moved to the outside end of the Marconi Hut where the TV group used to operate – they had moved up to the mezzanine floor with a number of good displays. Colin had a constant stream of interested people who could take away a Certificate that they had sent their name in Morse.

Dad overseeing some Morse Training

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