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CARS Skills - April-2015

Monday April 20th saw another good turnout of over 60 people attending CARS Skills Night at Danbury Village Hall - some having travelled quite a distance. Topics included:-

  • Construction - Make a Slim Jim
  • Radio Programming
  • Cables & connectors
  • EchoLink - by RF or Internet
  • Ask Uncle Jim - Beginners Corner
  • Data Mode Demos
  • Arduino Projects
  • Essex CW Club
  • Quiz - very testing!
  • Meet - CARS, ERG, Essex CW, Essex Ham

  • The rear Hawkins room had two activities. Charlie M0PZT had Arduino kits and radio programming. Meanwhile Peter M0PSD ran a very popular make-your-own 'Slim Jim' construction class. This held participants attention all the way through the evening.

    Peter M0PSD and Slim Jim constructors

    The main area included demos by Essex Ham, Jim 2E0RMI with EchoLink and Essex CW. Peter Onion G0DZB who had recently given a very well attended Raspberry Pi talk, brought a Raspberry Pi development which added an SDR spectrum display to his Elecraft KX3.

    Peter Onion working on his SDR

    Badges were also a theme. There were some electronic ones and James 2E0JTW returned with his engraving machine for the classic (no batteries needed) variety - models available in numerous colours!

    James 2E0JTW was on hand to make callsign badges

    The popular monthly quiz was hosted by Clive G1EUC. This included questions on Foundation kits, band plans, the prefixes/callsigns and the revised Ofcom licence conditions. Peter M0PSX then gave an update on various forthcoming CARS activities including GB1STG, IMD and the next talk in May on Portable Operating.

    Essex CW used the occasion to make a series of presentations to recognise those enhancing their Morse skills, of which the most notable was the impressive G4OAD trophy award to Rob M0KCP.

    Front Row: Alan G0TUD 15wpm, Rob M0KCP 25wpm (with the key below), Oliver M0WAG 15wpm, Steve G4HXY 15wpm
    Back Row: Steve G4GHO 20wpm, Andy G0IBN (Instructor), Brian M3OGM 5wpm, Dean G4WQI 18wpm

    The impressive G4OAD Memorial Key, awarded to Rob M0KCP as Essex CW Operator of the Year

    Another busy evening, and a very successful Skills Night. The next Skills Night takes place on Monday the 18th of May.

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