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Museum of Power - 2015

Steam Day and Model Exhibition
Sun 4-Oct-2015, 10am-5pm
Museum of Power

hkhk CARS were invited back to the Museum Of Power on Sunday 4th October, supporting their Steam Day and Model Exhibition, by putting on a demonstration station on HF and VHF.

Peter M0PSD and Oliver, M0WAG manned the radio station whilst Chris, G0IPU kept young (and some not so young) visitors happy with his radio controlled camera cars and electronics kit. The conditions were great - sunny, with a light breeze and there was plenty of passing ‘trade’.

Peter M0PSD and Oliver M0WAG inside on radio

Chris G0IPU outside with the Maplin Kit

Comet CHA-250B HF vertical

If we hadn’t had some appalling HF propagation conditions to contend with, then the feedback on radio operation may well have been even more enthusiastic. There was hardly a wanted signal to be heard on the HF bands — this, with a Comet CHA-250B antenna up at 20m. There was an inordinate amount of QRM/QRN, reaching S9+20dB on 80m and anything up to S9 on 40m. Eventually, the VHF/UHF antenna was erected in place of the Comet and some QSOs were made.

Want to know why the HF conditions were poor? - Watch Here!

So a nice public event with good feedback and we had nice weather, but alas the spaceweather was not so good...

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