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CARS Meetings January - March 2018

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27th Dec 2017

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January Meeting
Tuesday 2nd January 2018, 7:30-10pm
Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street
Justin Johnson G0KSC

For our January meeting we are pleased to have guest speaker Justin Johnson G0KSC of InnovAntennas...

Useful Links:-

  • Justin G0KSC Antenna designs:
  • InnovAntennas:

    February Meeting
    Tue 6-Feb-2018, 7.30-10pm
    Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street
    "RSGB Past Present & Future"
    By Keith Haynes G3WRO

    The February meeting will feature a unique perspective by Keith Haynes G3WRO, RSGB Regional Manager

    Useful Links:-

  • RSGB: Region-12

    March Meeting
    Tue 6-Mar-2018, 7.30-10pm
    Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street
    "Military Radios for Amateur Radio"
    By Andy Tyler G1GKN

    Andy Tyler G1GKN will talk about using ex-military radios for amateur radio – particularly the Clansman series which are widely available

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