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Sandford Mill Science Week - 2016

British Science Week
Sat 19-Mar-2016, 10am-4pm
Sandford Mill

CARS were at Sandford Mill on Saturday 19th March supporting their British Science Weekend event. Stations were set up outside (despite the weather) and in the 2MT Writtle Marconi Hut

The day started early with collecting the trailer having packed the car first with all the necessary equipment for the day. Arriving at Sandford Mill with time to spare. We eventually got in with just enough time to set up before the public were allowed in at 10:00am. Andy G0IBN and Oliver M0WAG assisted by Carl G3PEM set up the HF station in the Marconi Hut later joined by John G8DET. After a small technical issue was corrected the HF station worked very well - the issue being a broken feeder line outside, resulting in poor VSWR and power output. All the contacts were in CW as no one came in to use phone on this occasion.

The Indoor HF Station - using the Icom 756 Pro

Outside (in the cold) we had an event shelter set up for the 2m operation along with activities to interest the younger members of the public like Radio Controlled Cars, an electronics kit (Snap Circuits) always a big hit with the inquisitive children and a good talking point with the parents.

The 2m station performed well with contacts out to Norfolk being the furthest. Operators in the cold were Les G4JDS, Jim 2E0RMI, Brian 2E0WHB with visitors Bob G4MDB and Ray 2E0GVE and others. Andy G7TKK had several PC based systems up and running, receiving ADS-B signals used for tracking aeroplanes, based on RTL-SDR USB dongles for radio reception.

Outdoor Station with SDR in the tent

Andy G0IBN Operating CW
Andy G0IBN operating CW indoors

Our next Sandford Mill event will be the International Marconi Day on the April 23rd 2016. You are most welcome to join us, all are welcome and all help gratefully received. Operators are in short supply at present so please consider helping out on the day. Required will be CW operators, SSB operators, Loggers (for the log book side of things) or all three. Please see the website for timings for IMD. Just drop Chris G0IPU a line to say you are coming and what and where you would like to help out.

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