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Award for All

23rd Dec 2017

Added Xmas Social

October Meeting
Tue 3-Oct-2017, 7.30-10pm
Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street
By CARS Members

Tuesday October 3rd saw the AGM held at Oaklands Museum Chelmsford. The meeting was opened by Chris IPU, using a visual slideshow agenda created by Murray G6JYB. The presentation of Constructors Competition Certificates by Chris G0IPU, opened the proceedings.

Secretary Colin G0TRM with Chris G0IPU

After the presentations, Chris IPU in his Acting Chairman’s role gave a report. As part of his address Chris showed a fine collection of pictures outlining the many activities in which CARS members had taken part in the past year. These included events, at CARS meetings, at Skills night’s, at training evenings and at Sandford Mill, the latter covered mainly the June Science Day. At which Chris, XYL Rhona, his brother Andy G7TKK and other members of his family provided a whole range activities aimed at the younger generation, including radio controlled cars, a two way off air radio network, electronic construction kits and making and firing paper rockets. (The last two particularly enjoyed by my two young grandchildren).

Chris G0IPU giving a overview of the past year

Chris spoke briefly about the financial summary CARS Treasurer Myra had produced, a copy of which was passed round the audience. The report showed CARS finances to be very healthy and it was agreed the subscriptions should stay at £15 for the coming year. Myra was thanked for generating the report.

A discussion regarding the Training schedule as currently published by Murray showed a small number Exam-only activities and the next course to be held which will be the 37th Foundation course in February.

At the end of Chris’ contribution President Tony Gilbey G4YTG took charge of the proceedings and presented his report and spoke of CARS achievements and gave thanks to all those members whom had made a positive contribution to the Club’s activities in front of and behind the scenes. Chris IPU was thanked for all his outstanding efforts throughout his tenure as CARS chairman and his extra year beyond that. It was then time for the elections and Tony stood down the current committee.

All standing members of the Committee apart from retiring Chairman Chris IPU stood for re-election. The proposal they should be re-elected was made by Martin Final G4TOO and seconded by Carl Thomson G3PEM. Motion passed. James Beatwell 2E1GUA stood for election as Membership Secretary; he was proposed by Tony Gilbey G4YTG and seconded by Carl Thomson G3PEM. Motion passed.

After the break and the raffle draw, Vic Rogers G6BHE gave a brief talk on current RSGB activities and future plans which he hoped the members would find interesting. Sadly, due to lack of time a proposed talk by Jim and Glynis on their activities could not be given, it is hoped they will be able to present it on another occasion. The meeting was then closed.

Vic Rogers, G6BHE - and items for sale

November Meeting
Tue 7-Nov-2017, 7.30-10pm
Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street
"Urban Noise & SDRs"
William Poel G8CYK
Prior to the main talk getting underway there was a catch-up on construction presentations to those who were not present at the last months AGM, an honorary membership for Chris G0IPU and the meeting endorsing the selection of Peter Davies M0PSD as the new CARS Chairman.

Constructors awards to Peter G3SUY, Andy G0IBN & Colin G0TRM - and Chris G0IPU being honoured

John G8DET introduces the talk by William

Unwanted man-made RF noise is a serious and growing issue afflicting all radio. Rising background noise is the limiting factor for many radio amateurs – certainly below 10MHz where ADSL delivered by overhead cables.

Mains-borne noise is much harder to identify and trace – and even affects an increasing number of the famous big guns of HF who can suffer like the rest of us. So if you wonder why you don’t get called back by YB1IBM in Jakarta – it may not be anything more complex than the fact he has an S9+ noise level that you have to overcome before you can get heard

The growing noise problem can afflict consumer Digital Radio and TV as well - it does, but it in different less obvious ways. You simply don’t get the clues that analogue equipment provides – and so a device to help trace rogue RFI is needed

Ultimately, if you can’t solve your local noise problems, then you can use a remote Web-SDR as the return channel. Already most 160m, 80m and 60m nets have many users that rely on Hack Green or one of the other central England SDRs that reasonably reflect reception conditions around the whole country – but without the noise blanket

CARS were treated to a topical presentation by William G8CYK on Urban Noise, which included background on natural and manmade sources, supported by sound and video clips. The use of web-based SDRs as potential mitigations were also mentioned – well known ones are at Twente in the Netherlands and Hack Green near Stoke-on-Trent.

Video presentation used for the talk (updated)

William G8CYK with his speakers mug - presented by Carl G3PEM

A most enlightening talk given by one of our members William G8CYK and extremely interesting. We wish to thank William for an excellent talk and look forward to his next one with great expectations!

Useful Links:-

  • Twente WebSDR: HF SDR
  • Hack Green SDR: HF, VHF
  • Youtube: Noise Video

    December Meeting
    Tue 5-Dec-2017, 7.30-10pm
    Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street
    "Xmas Social"
    By CARS Members

    The CARS December meeting had a seasonal and socialising theme...

    • Seasonal Mince Pies & Stollen to enjoy
    • Radio Bargains on offer
    • Seasonal Quiz
    • Bumper Special Raffle!
    The meeting opened with both John G8DET and Our new Chairman Peter M0PSD adding a few words of greetings and news on recent and forthcoming events. John G8DET had researched and tested the mince pies, whilst Peter had brought a special Xmas display board, including detail of the proposed 2018 trip to the Kempton Park rally. A special presentation was made to Ann Salmon and Myra M0MYR for their long running efforts helping CARS - from refreshments to treasury.

    Attendees at the beginning of the event

    Flowers! L-toR: Murray G6JYB, Ann Salmon, Myra M0MYR and Tony G4YTG (Photo by John G8DET)

    Warm Mince Pies, Stollen Cake and other refreshments went down well.

    On display was a special board by Peter M0PSD, a components quiz by John G8DET, and some new sale items brought by Murray G6JYB from Colchester. A bumper raffle had plenty of prizes and this was then followed by a seasonal Xmas amateur radio quiz

    Info on the 2018 Kempton Rally trip and recent Cubs Communicator Badge training

    Xmas Puzzles and Sales

    Raffle prizes and the Xmas Quiz

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