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International Marconi Day - 2016

International Marconi Day

Commemorating Marconi's Birthday -
25th April 1874

Sat 23-Apr-2016, 10am - 4pm
Sandford Mill

Sandford Mill and GX0MWT were again one of the registered stations for International Marconi Day (IMD) on April 23rd 2016. Bright but showery weather saw many visitors appear. In addition to operating HF, features included hands-on Morse, SDR, an ISS Tim Peake contact and a fascinating talk by Dr Elizabeth Bruton on the Jutland centenary.

Sandford Mill and its sluice gates (whilst the Sun was out)

The upstairs hands-on Morse Key demo proved attractive

And for contrast - a realtime demo from the CARS SDR-IQ receiver

Outside by the Barn where the Jutland centenary talk was being given by Dr Elizabeth Bruton

Marconi Wireless DF stations provided key SIGINT to the Admiralty via Room-40
(all photos above by Murray G6JYB)

Operating and other photos below courtesy of Kristian M0SSK...

Chris G0IPU setting up a VHF antenna for the ISS Contact with Wellesley House School in Kent
Just after 1pm we heard and recorded Tim Peake on 145.8 MHz

Edited Audio: Listen to Tim's IMD Answer (MP3)
Youtube Video by Chris G0IPU below:-

The 2MT Hut is the original home of British Broadcasting.
2022 will be the centenary and a project to build a replica of the original 2MT transmitter is underway

Visitors operating CW

CW Computer Log Screen - busy from DL

SSB Operating by Chris G0IPU and Ray 2E0GVE

VHF: ISS reception/recording and Andy G7TKK with another SDR

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