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August DF Funday Sunday - 2016

Amateur Radio Sunday

Sun 28-Aug-2016, 10:30am - 3pm
Sandford Mill

Something different... Fun and Games!

CARS members were invited to Sandford Mill on Sunday 28 August for a hands-on fun session of amateur radio direction finding - ARDF. Chris G0IPU had a number of DF sets to hand based on low power 433MHz as used for scout events. The Bank Holiday weather on Sunday was somewhat overcast but largely held up and helped make Sunday a Funday!

Some Preparation and Tuition...

The Radio Units - set for various 70cm exempt channels

The Radio beacon units are based on exempt low-power 70cms units and emit a short voice recording on a timing loop - intended to be user-friendly for scouting events etc. A pair of handheld radios with small yagis were given to the DF hunters. UHF reflections and limited directivity enhanced the challenge

Three radio units were deployed in various places around the substantial Sandford Mill grounds. For future reference there are plenty of other hiding spots - below for example is one that wasnt used (but you never know in future...)

The Sandford Willow tree

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