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National Field Day - 2021

NFD Weekend
Heybridge Basin
"CARS Operating GX0MWT"
CARS Members

CARS CW class meet on a Thursday evening at Danbury Village Hall, due to COVID lessons have been carried out via skype which has proved successful.

When restrictions were eased and the RSGB allowed Field Day, the club's Morse class decided they would like to participate in the annual NFD event. This was a late decision so we were unable to advertise the event in the club's newsletter. Although NFD is a contest, it also an enjoyable day with like-minded friends.

We managed to borrow a tent, generator, a pump-up mast and most important a cooker with a kettle, frying pan with sausages and rolls !

The club's Icom 756-Pro3 worked well. We made over 500 contacts mostly around Europe and a few in the USA. This year the Germans were still in lockdown so our score was reduced by around 300 contacts.

Our aerial, a doublet with 100W, had two bullet connections enabling two different lengths of aerial, the shorter length for the higher bands and the longer primarily for top band but can be used on 40 and 80m.

The club's Windows-7 laptop decided to do a Microsoft update half way through the contest which was not appreciated !! The pc had not been used for two years so updates were numerous, I thought I had done them all, but obviously a few more crept in somewhere.

We made 580 QSOs with 379 unique stations. The majority (87%) of QSOs were on 80, 40 and 20m with some on 160m and some sporadic E QSOs on 10 and 15m. There was not much DX about - 89% of QSOs were with Europe, with 42 from USA/Canada and a few from Asia and Africa. Best DX was 5Z4VJ in Kenya, and our longest QSO was W5ZR in Louisiana on 40m (7550 km).

The weather was good to us with lots of sunshine. In fact it was too good, as the heat in the tent was unbearable at times. After 2 hours on the morse key I felt ill and had to go home and was sick, it could have been the heat or it could have been the chicken sandwich which my wife had made for me ?!

Lots of tea and coffee were available and the frying pan of nice sausages made it a pleasurable day, during quiet periods we had lots of chat putting the world to rights !!

Members are reminded that the club has lots of equipment available for use. It is hoped that we can have a "Ham Day" in Oliver's field in the not too distant future where we can play with aerials and generally have an enjoyable day.

Thanks go to Oliver, M0WAG, for allowing us to use his field and to CARS members and CW class operators who participated: Andy G0IBN, Les G4JDS, Paul G4PVM, plus CW class: Dean G4WQI, Rob M0KCP, Tony G0JYI, Steve G4ZUL. We were visited by Jonathan G0DVJ and Ray G3XLG.

Andy G0IBN operating right

NFD: Rob G0KCP, Les G4JDS, Tony G0JYI, Dean G4WQI, Tony G4XRG and sitting Paul G4PVM

write-up by Andy G0IBN

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