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GB120MT 120th Marconi Transatlantic Anniversary

Marconi Transatlantic Anniversary
On Air
"GB120MT on Air"
By CARS Members

During December 2021 CARS members operated a special event station to commemorate the first transmission of signals across the Atlantic from Poldhu to Newfoundland on 12 Dec 1901 by Marconi. The team used the special callsign GB120MT operating from their home stations and CARS nets. The result was an impressive QSO total of over 1000 contacts.

The team has used all HF bands from 10 to 160m, mostly CW with some SSB, and so far has contacted 61 countries in all six continents. The best DX worked so far is Australia, Philippines, India, Cuba plus Reunion Island and Rodrigues Island off the coast of Africa.

One interesting station worked was VO1MRC, the Marconi Amateur Radio Club of Newfoundland. The special call was also used for the club nets on 80m, GB3DA-2m and GB3ER-70cm.

This historic event was also celebrated by members of the BAE Systems Great Baddow Amateur Radio Club (MX5BAE). The club used the historic Marconi callsign GB2MT from BAE Systemsí site in Great Baddow, formerly the Marconi Research Centre.

Their GB2MT team used all HF bands from 10 to 160m and made 1181 QSOs with 83 countries and 6 continents. DX worked included Australia, Thailand, India and Japan, from Africa Kenya, Mali, Tanzania, The Gambia and Mauritius, and from the Caribbean, Antigua, Bonaire, and The Bahamas.

On Dec 12th, the day of the centenary, the Canadian special event station commemorating the centenary was worked on 20m SSB. This station was located at the Signal Hill where Marconi received the signal transmitted from Poldhu

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  • 2001: Previous Centenary celebration

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