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Amateur Radio offers a world of communication and self-development opportunities. Getting licensed entails training and passing a progressive system of exams for Foundation, Intermediate and Full levels of the Radio Communications Examination. Generally anyone entering the hobby must go through each stage before progressing to the next. Foundation and Intermediate levels include operating and practical topics as well as theory. For those with a strong technical background there is also a Direct-2-Full (D2F) route as of 23-Jan-2023.

CARS offers a range of amateur radio licence training courses including "Fast Track" sessions to prepare for the exams. As a community service our Training Slide Sets for all levels are online with no need to register. as well as supporting the RSGB Brickworks programme to build experience. Our experienced training coordinator John O'Connell M0JOC is also a remote invigilator for the RSGB

CARS is now taking bookings for 2024 courses at Danbury Village Hall which we hold on Thursday evenings. Our next is a 3wk Intermediate fast-track on Thu Oct 10, 17 & 24. The course is aimed at candidates who wish to undertake revision and final exam preparation, face-to-face with our trainers at Danbury. Sessions include typical exam questions and in-depth explanations of the answer. We can also look at specific areas of the syllabus where greater understanding may be needed, as well tips and advice on best exam practice.



John O'Connell, M0JOC is the CARS Training Coordinator / Exam Secretary
Those wishing to book a place on a course or exam slot should contact him by directly. . .
M:  07868-004380
E:  training2024 at

Foundation Courses

Get on the air with the entry-level Foundation Licence. CARS runs Foundation Courses which are on Thursday evenings at 7-9pm at Danbury Village Hall - subject to demand.

Course No Course Dates Exam Date
44FThu 21st & 28th Mar-2024   - fast-track see below

On passing the Foundation Exam, candidates will be able to apply for a Foundation Licence and Callsign which allows the use of all modes on most of the Amateur bands with modest power.

The cost of a full length 6-week training course includes room hire and excludes the RSGB Exam Fee*. Shorter fast-track courses are 15. Fast Track courses consist of a few consecutive Thursday evening sessions at Danbury Village Hall.

Please ensure you forward details of your full name, address, phone & mobile numbers and email address.

Intermediate Courses

The Intermediate Licence has greater privileges, power levels and bands. It requires that you must first have passed the Foundation level exam. The Courses are held from 7-9pm on Thursday evenings at Danbury Village Hall.

A full length Intermediate training course fee includes room hire and excludes the RSGB Exam Fee.*. Shorter 3-week fast-track courses are 20 inclusive. Fast Track courses consist of consecutive Thursday evening sessions at Danbury Village Hall.

Course No Course Dates Exam Date
21F Thu 22nd, 29th Feb & 7th March 2024     - Intermediate / Full Fast Track See below
22F Thu 10th, 17th & 24th October 2024     - Intermediate Fast Track See below

Note that we will need to know details of your Foundation callsign and exam pass date as well as your full name, address, phone & mobile numbers and email address.

Full Courses

Passing the Full Exam gives you a Full Licence with increased power, bands and HAREC-based international travel privileges. It is necessary to have passed both Foundation and Intermediate levels prior to undertaking the Full Exam. Alternatively since January-2023 RSGB offer a more challenging Direct-2-Full (D2F) single exam.

CARS offer a number of options for Full exams, which are held on Thursday evenings at Danbury Village Hall. CARS offer shorter Prep/Revision Classes and Exam-only sessions for those who have already studied at home/elsewhere and have their own course books. Currently, there is a 20 cost for the 3wk Full Fast-track Course (which also includes modern Intermediate syllabus refresh). Note this excludes the exam fee/session.

We can sometimes offer slots aligned with the Bath Distance Learning course which is highly recommended. If you need additional revision slots/mentoring do contact us.

Course No Course Dates Exam Date
28F Thu 22nd, 29th Feb & 7th March 2024     - Intermediate / Full Fast Track See below
NB: If you need a Full Exam, please contact our Training Coordinator with details of your Intermediate callsign and exam pass date as well as full name, address, phone & mobile numbers and email address.


All four Exams - Foundation, Intermediate, Full and Direct-to-Full can be taken online with Remote Invigilators from the RSGB, using the Testreach system, or at Danbury Village Hall.

CARS can offer both online and paper exams at Danbury. Please contact John M0JOC for further details

Exams can be booked and paid for by the candidate directly with the RSGB:

CW Classes       − • − •     − − • −

LEARN MORSE ! - You no longer need to learn Morse to pass a test, but the mode can be advantageous when working long distances and weak signals. Our Morse classes are now carried on Skype at 7pm on a Thursday evening. On air sessions also offer learning opportunities. If you are a complete beginner we can arrange you to have your own "Elmer" to instuct and guide you. If you just want to refresh your morse skills we have a class of CW enthusiasts who will welcome you. If you just want a pleasurable evening with CW friends, just drop in for a fun evening whenever it suits you.

Morse Code (CW) enables DX working at low power levels. Want to be proficient at Morse ?
CARS offers Morse classes run by Andrew Kersey G0IBN

*Exam Fees

A major part of any course cost is the RSGB Exam Fee. This is levied at a flat rate regardless of whether you are an RSGB member or not, in order to be non-discriminatory.

Alternative Training Centres in Essex

Colchester Radio Amateurs:

Harlow & District Amateur Radio Society:

Havering & District Amateur Radio Club:

Loughton & Epping Forest Amateur Radio Society:

Thames Amateur Radio Group:

Web Resources


  • Just Passed ?
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  • Foundation Online - useful prep
  • HamTests - online mocks


  • First Steps: What is Amateur Radio?
  • Next Steps: Getting Started - FAQs
  • Training info: RSGB Training web pages
  • Exam topics: Exam Syllabuses

    Mock Exams:-

  • RSGB: Mock Exams & Handouts,
  • Other:


  • Licence Conditions inc Frequency Schedules: Ofcom Amateur Radio Pages
  • Online Licensing Service: Start here
  • Online Licensing - User Guide Leaflet: Click Here

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  • Essex Repeater Group - home of GB3DA
  • Radio Communications Foundation (RCF) - the Radio Education Charity

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    CARS Amateur Radio Exam Centres & Locations

    CARS uses RSGB registered exam centres. Click on the links for location maps

    EX144 - Danbury Village Hall - Map
    EX238 - Danbury United Reformed Church Hall - Map
    EX99  - St Mary's Church Centre, Great Baddow - Map
    EX316 - King Edward Grammar School, KEGS
    EX75  - Chelmsford Scouts, Springfield
  • Danbury Village Hall on Google Maps: Close-in or Wide Area
  • Public Transport: Bus Timetables
  • Photos of Danbury Village Hall and other Exam Centres are on the Photos Page

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