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Following its creation by John Bowen G8DET in July 1999, the CARS website has expanded considerably to cover a host of society information, archived events and training material.

The website uses genuine HTML tools and care is taken that it works for none-Microsoft browsers (ie its Technology-Neutral)

To assist others who may be interested we list below the resources we have used and would recommend:-

Webpage Editor:
Well worth registering for a real copy, this editor allows you to mark up text and then preview its layout.
- Dida Professional

HTML Help:
Excellent and educational - HTML Reference Library by Stephen Le Hunte
- HTMLib v3 for Win 3.1/Win 9x in Windows Help (HLP) format (470K)
- HTMLib v3 for Win95/8 with installer and colour wizard (2.5MB)
- HTMLib v4 - inc full installer etc (3MB)

The authors home page seems to be no longer available but a good archive for information on this can be found here.

Graphics Help:
Want quicker web pages and smaller emails of digital camera images? The slides below are from a talk on Graphics given at Dengie Club in April-2004. They explain how to keep images small and the most suitable formats
- Graphics Talk in Powerpoint (ppt) format (124K)

WWW Glossary:
Mystified by Internet jargon? Also available as a Windows Help file is
- The Internet Glossary (44K)

For images we generally use Paintshop-Pro. For Training Slides we use as low a version of Powerpoint as possible (such as Powerpoint-97) and take care on layout, animation and efficient graphics to keep the files as compact and portable as possible. CARS Newsletters, handouts and other items are often distributed in Acrobat PDF. For webpages we don't use MS-Office or other web templates as we like HTML source code that is editable by humans and loads quickly. We also avoid fixed widths and dark backgrounds etc so pages print on A4 without losing their sides, and don't use lots of valuable cartridge ink.

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