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Sandford Mill Science Week - 2015

British Science Week
Sat 14-Mar-2015, 10am-4pm
Sandford Mill

CARS was at Sandford Mill on Saturday 14th March as part of "British Science Week". Most activity was in the 2MT Hut where the club's FT-847 was operating and over 150 QSOs were made during a very busy and sunny day. The CARS RF-Space SDR-IQ receiver and HDSDR software was also part of the visual attractions for visitors.

The SDR display and Charlie M0PZT's Morse Mouse game

The Mouse game uses a Arduino-Uno controller and Morse key (Photos by Charlie M0PZT)

Demonstrations included showing different signals on the frequency spectrum, decoding Morse Code visually plus a chance to play Charlie M0PZT's "Morse Mouse" game - this appeals to not only the youngsters, but also those who may have let their CW speed lapse.

Most operating was on 40m. James 2E1GUA our event coordinator ended up with an overall total of 150+ QSOs. and the new club headphones proved helpful. Brian M6UHN took to the microphone in one of his first HF outings since getting his licence. Dorothy 2E0NCE also had a go which added to the pile-up of people wanting to work us. Other visitors who operated included Peter Onion G0DZB who contributed 13 QSOs to the overall total.

Peter G0DZB operating

James 2E1GUA & Dorothy 2E0NCE operating (photo by Essex Ham)

The club FT-847 had a busy time on 40m

In addition to its historic exhibits, the museum has a number of hands-on educational items for both children and adults. Geoff Lovegrove G7KLV who is both a CARS Member and a Friend of the Museum created this one below, for showing how a directional antenna can help triangulate a ships position from a pair of radio beacons.

Hands-on model to demonstrate radio direction finding
(Photo by Murray G6JYB - click to zoom)

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