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Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

The Coronation 1953

Celebrating The Coronation, June 1953

From RSGB Bulletin May 1953 page 496:-

The Chelmsford RSGB Group is to operate an amateur station in the Central Park, Chelmsford, on June 6 and 7 June in connection with the town’s Coronation celebrations. The equipment in use will include an HRO and the latest G5RV TVI-proof transmitter (to be described in an early issue of the Bulletin - Ed.)*.

It is anticipated that a television receiver will be installed in the tent to demonstrate freedom from interference. Operation, which will be on all bands from 3.5-14 Mc/s and possibly on 21 Mc/s, will commence during the evening of June 5 and will be continuous until 7pm on the following day. A low power station will also operate on Top Band.

The Essex C.R. [County Representative - Jack Ridley, G2AJF] and Chelmsford will be in attendance most of the time and will be glad to welcome visiting amateurs.

* G5RV’s “Elizabethan” transmitter is described in an article in the July 1953 edition of the RSGB Bulletin

Louis Varney, G5RV assisted in the erection of a marquee in the Central Park, Chelmsford in which they ran a special event radio station. The Call-sign GB2CRA was issued for the event.

Did you, or do you know of anyone who was there or worked GB2CRA - please tell us.

Thanks to Derek Holmes, G3JSV for providing us with the QSL Cards & the first four Coronation pictures.

Personal QSL Card issued from Derek G4102 GB2CRA to Ruth on 4/4/1953

QSL Card issued to ISWL G4102 on 5/6/1953 at 21:42GMT
50 Watts transmitter, using a HRO receiver.

Unknown, is it Peter Bendell? or Cliff Fenton, G3ABB? or G3EHZ?; then Jack Ridley G2AJF and Arthur G3KPJ
If you know, please advise us.

Arthur Wreford G3EHZ working from the tent

Alan Davies G3INW - Peter Naish G3EIX - Derek Holmes G3JSV

Visit by the Chelmsford Mayor & party.
(L to R) Arthur Wreford G3EHZ - Cliff Fenton G3ABB with pipe - W J Paterson, G2HGI
Louis Varney G5RV is looking on (without the pipe).

Peter Bendall-SWL, Alan Davies G3INW, Peter Naish G3EIX and Louis Varney G5RV (Right)
Peter Bendall was later G3NBU and now DJ0JR, Alan is now GW3INW, Peter Naish was later VK2BPN

The photographs were taken in a tent set up in "The Rec" Chelmsford (now Central Park) to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953.

The Special Event Station, callsign GB2CRA (Chelmsford Radio Amateurs) was the first time that a GB callsign was issued for such purposes.

Louis, probably though his contacts in the GPO (the Licensing Authority at that time) arranged for the call to be issued. Up to then, only the RSGB Headquarters had GB callsigns - they were not very pleased when Louis broke their monopoly. This was probably what started the general issue of such callsigns.

The photograph shows the original G5RV "TVI Proof" 50 Watt Transmitter built by G5RV. The later one had 2 x 807s in the PA and was published as the "Elizabethan" because of the Coronation. Also in the picture is a HRO loaned by Lawrence Fuller, G6LB.

The photograph was taken by G3KPJ using a 9 x 12cm plate camera and the above picture was scanned directly from a contact print. Our thanks to Arthur, G3KPJ for permission to publish his photograph.

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