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Dengie Quiz, November 2005

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Dengie Amateur Radio Society run an annual Quiz and invited CARS to join them. Vice President Geoff, G3EDM undertook to organise the CARS team and issued invitations.

On Monday, 28th November a number of cars found their way along the bleak road (which eventually leads to Bradwell) and stopped at Henry Samuel Hall, Mayland, which was nicely decorated with Christmas bunting.

Henry Samuel Village Hall used for the Dengie Quiz
The Village Hall used for the Quiz. Tables were arranged around the room for the 7 teams with seating for 6 on each, CARS are in the foreground with ERG on the next table to the right.
Photos by John G8DET

CARS team which consisted of:-
From left to right - Silvia, Wife of Geoff, G3EDM; Fred Wright, G6FXM; Tony's Wife hidden;
Tony, G4YTG; Fred's Wife & Geoff, G3EDM

CARS Members Brian G4CTS & his Wife Julie joined the Colchester Team and at one time were in the lead.

Brian & Julie with the Colchester Team
The Colchester Team consisted of:-
From left to right - Brian, G4CTS; his Wife Julie and opposite the Amateurs from Colchester

The Lively Heads were fronted by Mike Wheaton, G4ZPE (Zipy) who produced a tremendous range of hats for the Members of the Team. They also included W&S Members.

Lively Heads - first 2 to arrive in their team Lively Heads Team
The Lively Heads Team

Zipy plays the Joker
Zipy plays the Joker for the Lively Heads Team

Dengie fielded two teams; this is Dengie-1, who very nearly won.

Dengie-1 Team

Dengie-2 Team
This is Dengie-2 Team which contains members who organised the food - thanks, it was tremendous.
The Foxes in Danbury loved the left overs!

DA-Posse Team
The Team of DA-Posse who provided many side (loud) suggestions & quips as (im)possible answers.

Essex Repeater Group - in deep thought The Winning Team - Essex Repeater Group
Essex Repeater Group (ERG) team thinking hard about a question - and having won!
From left to right:- Trevor, M5AKA; Carl, G3PEM; Frances, his Wife;
Murray G6JYB team leader & Clive G1EUC - all CARS Members.

There was intitially a tie with Dengie-1 but ERG won it on a tie question which was "What date was the first Eurovision Song Contest"?   ERG said "1964" which was nearer to the correct answer, it was 1956.   See "History of Eurovision"

The most important man of the evening was Dave Sampson, M1DOZ who was the Quiz-Master.   He produced dozens of very good questions and even had the correct answers - kept his cool when challenged by DA-Posse.

Quiz Master, Dave M1DOZ

Winning Team Leader with Chairman G4ZPE
Dave Sampson, M1DOZ (left) with Murray G6JYB, the Winning Team Leader
and Mike Wheaton, G4ZPE, Dengie Chairman (right).

Final scores:- CARS 60; DA-Posse & Dengie-2 with 65; Colchester & Lively Heads with 68; ERG & Dengie-1 with 72.

Food is an important part of any event - and here it was superb:-

Refreshments laid out, before the attack!
The superb catering laid out before the order was given "Food is served".

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