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The Dengie Quiz, November 2008

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Dengie Amateur Radio Society run an annual Quiz and invited CARS to join them. Chairman G8DET suggested at the November CARS Meeting that CARS should provide a team but the responce on the evening was luke warm to put it mildly!   However the Shaving Net stirred things up and two CARS Teams turned up - well done & thanks.
Murray chartered a private jet to come back from Croatia knowing the good food on offer and Clive, G1EUC brought Yana from Israel.  
David Penny from Braintree brought the Shield back having won it in 2007.

The Hall is nice once you have found it - the company great - good radio & social spirit & excellent food with enough to feed the whole of Maylandsea!

On Monday, 24th November a number of cars found their way along the bleak roads which lead to Bradwell and stopped at the Dengie Village Hall (as was stated last year).   It is difficult to find in the dark & the returning commuters know every cats eye and try to drive like the well know motoring TV presenter, Jeremy Clarkson!   Regardless of having 4 headlamps in ones rear view mirror, 2 metres away - if you hit me - you pay - has to be the order of the day!   The Webmaster was doing 50mph and a Vauxhall Astra overtook doing at least 20mph more (and on wet roads).

Upon arriving we were invited to a nice strong cup of tea and selected a table.
More teams appeared and were booked in and occupied the 6 tables with Host & Quizmaster Dave, M1DOZ on a top table complete with bass microphone.

The brief rules were read out with a change this year - one had to declare which section of the quiz you were going to "Play your Joker"; this year BEFORE the Quiz started.

Dengie Quizmaster
Dengie Quizmaster, Dave Sampson, M1DOZ.
Photos so far by John, G8DET with better pictures than last year.

On each table a number of photographs were displayed with a range of questions to be answered - these were for the whole table's attention. There were some stinkers!

CARS Oldies Table
                                CARS Oldies Table

CARS 2  Table
CARS 2 Team

Braintree Bodgers Team

            This is the Braintree Bodger's Team
            Winners of the Trophy in 2007.

Dengie 2 Team
Dengie 2 Team

The Dengie 1 Team
                                                The Dengie One Team

The slightly smaller Essex Repeater Group
The slightly smaller Essex Repeater Group Team

Clive was on top form and even suggested the answer to a question not yet read out - beat that!
The Amateur Radio Question paper was even a Foundation Paper used by CARS at Danbury - however the ERG Team did get just one answer incorrect.

At Half Time the call "Please get your Food" was made.

As for the past number of years the table in the anti-room was groaning under the weight of beautifully prepared food.

The Buffet
The superb Buffet before being attached!

The Buffet - close-up
The Buffet - close-up

Braintree Bodgers receiving the Winning Plague (again).
                        Hspace=30 Vspace=10 > Height=

Braintree Bodgers receiving the Winning Plaque

David & the Quizmaster
David Penny, G3PEN and the Quizmaster

6th - CARS Oldies
5th - CARS 2
4th - Dengie 2
3rd - Dengie 1
2nd - ERG
Winner - Braintree Bodgers.

Dave Sampson, M1DOZ produced dozens of very good questions and even had the correct answers.

Just to test you - a sample question or 2.

On which one of the frequencies below may a Foundation Licensee transmit: -
a) - 7.5MHz
b) - 15MHz
c) - 72MHz
d) - 145MHz

The frequency 121.5MHz is used for which service: -
a) - Aeronautical radio
b) - Amateur radio
c) - Land based radio
d) - Satellite radio

Which part of an Amateur Band is not permitted within 100km of Charing Cross, London?
a) - 1.810 to 1.830MHz
b) - 51.00 to 52.00MHz
c) - 431.0 to 432.0MHz
d) - 438.0 to 440MHz.

Thanks Dengie for organising the Quiz and providing superb food.

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