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100 Year Anniversary of the RSGB at Chelmsford.

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RSGB Centenary Wireless Event.
Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July
"CARS Operating from the City of Chelmsford" - WAB TL70.
CARS are pleased to have been requested to Operate a Special Event Station with the Call-Sign G100RSGB from Midnight on the 20th to Midnight on the 21st July when the NOV passes to Colchester Radio Amateur Society.

Unfortunately CARS cannot operate for all of this period but will nominally be "On Air" for much of the daylight hours.

On Saturday from 9 to 5pm we were at Sandford Mill while on Sunday from 10 to 5pm we will be at BAE Systems, Great Baddow under the Chain Home Tower.   Ideally CARS would like to have a presence on 40Metres for each day so that UK stations can contact us.
We will also be having "quiet periods" when only QRP, M3 and M6 stations will be worked.

Saturday, 20th July 2013.

CARS thanks its Members and friends for providing enough Operators, Loggers and support (tea and coffee makers) at all stations - thank you indeed.

Operating G100RSGB with Mark, M0IEO Logging.
Behind, CARS President Carl G3PEM is looking at the handset held by TARG Chairman, Mike M0MMB.

Andy G0IBN on the key with Dave Ellis, G4AJY and Malcolm from Braintree looking on.

On Sunday what an opportunity to operate in such wonderful locations and with really good Aerials.   Who else in the Country (World?) has an Aerial supported from part the way up a 365ft Tower?

CARS President Carl, G3PEM will keep the RSGB "Alert" Web Site up to date with whatever we can manage to put on the air.
Thanks Carl for doing such a good job on Saturday.

Collectively CARS worked about 350 stations on Saturday from Japan to Chelmsford!   While in QSO with a Braintree station the microphone was passed from Patrick, M0XAP to Malcolm from Braintree (who had popped in to see how we were doing) - much to the suprise of the Braintree station.   Braintree were working G100RSGB earlier this week.

Lucy, M6ECG on the microphone.

CARS President, Carl Thomson, G3PEM updating the RSGB "Alerts" information page.

Generally the propagation going was poor with deep fading QSB and high powered local interference.   However with good will and tolerance on all parts - success was acheived - thanks to all.

Sunday, 21st July 2013.

Sunday dawned grey and cold compared to Saturday but Mark, M0IEOP got his lovely caravan in position early and set-up to the 40Metre Aerial hanging from the side of the 365foot Chain Home Tower - was this the highest G100RSGB Aerial?

CARS President, Carl G3PEM soon turned up and got the computers on and Mark called CQ. It was a little slow to start with but the pile-ups continued until about 4pm when propagation meant that Spainish local QSOs swamped us.

40Metre caravan and the 20Metre Gazebo - Mike on the mike and Mark logging - both from Canvey Island.

The next station to get on the air was the 20Metre Station under a gazebo - looked very much like a portable outing.

The 20Metre Gazebo - with a change of shift Operators and Loggers.

John, G8DET turned up at 9am and set up another station, this time using the 80Metre aerial which Patrick used on this band and on 18MHz.   It was slow going though but a number of very memorable contacts made it worth while - one with a Canadian Amateur who used to work at Marconi Baddow on Radar projects which Andy, G1GKN also worked on.

Patrick, M0XAP on the mike with Andy, G1GKN listening to the ex Marconi Engineer in Canada.
Lucy, M6ECG on the mike with John G8DET ready to log the call.

After lunch new persons joined and all 3 stations were steadily working stations - the 7MHz station clearly working the whole of the UK and Ireland - sometimes with FM quality and somtimes lost in the QRM and noise.

The RSGB requested operators of G100RSGB to try and include VHF so in a similar way that Gwyn, G4FKH organised the CARS sub-group for CW (Morse) so CARS Training Manager Clive, G1EUC organised the VHF station.
James, 2E1GUA reminded the editor that the photograph of him operating on 144.295MHz was not on the Web!   Sorry James.


The Aerials used for the G100RSGB activity on VHF used Aerials designed by CARS Hon Member Justin, G0KSC.
James, 2E1GUA on the microphone working VHF.   When 6 Metres was dead 144MHz was used and vice versa.

Some 674 stations were worked but all QSLing is the responcibilty of the RSGB - please apply to the Bureau as per the RSGB Web Site instructions.

Carl, G3PEM kept the RSGB "Alerts" page up to date.

CARS wish good hunting to the Colchester Amateur Radio Society for Monday and Tuesday and suggest they take Sun Shades and Lightning Conductors.

Thanks to all the persons involved at all of the stations - a great success from a great Amateur Radio Society Society.

Thanks to BAE Systems for the hospitality in allowing CARS to Operate from the Chain Home Site.
Thanks also for the effort and kind help especially to those persons behind the scenes who are so necessary to the success of such an event.

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