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4th July 2007Minor corrections. Added Murray's photographs.   Minor changes.   Added the report & pictures.


CARS President, Harry Heap, G5HF celebrates his 90th Birthday this year.

During WWII Harry was one of a select band of Radio Amateurs who were members of the very secret Voluntary Inceptors who had to listen to enemy radio traffic and send what they had received to Bletchley Park, where, if appropriate it was decoded.   See July issue of RadCom, Page 11.

Harry's Son, Peter thought that an event should be staged to celebrate Harry's Birthday but in true military fashion, Harry should not know about it! This proved more difficult than was expected.

Since Harry is often on the air, nothing could be discussed which he could evesdrop. A letter was sent to Pat Hawker, G3VA who was also a Voluntary Interceptor who contacted other members by letter and a Schedule was arranged for the day in question. Ofcom were approached and released GB5HF because we could not use G5HF as he would have to be present!

Tony Gilbey, G4YTG designed and manufactured a 16 foot high Vertical aerial for the 80 Metre Band and this was tested off-site.

Tony, G4YTG & the Aerial

Tony, G4YTG arriving at the Marconi Sports & Social Centre (MASC) with the Vertical Aerial in sections.
Photographs by John, G8DET

A major problem has been encountered at MASC in the past whereby any RF signal stronger than 1 Watts has triggered the High Sound Alarm & disconnected the power to the room/building!  

The Loud Music Alarm Box

The Loud Music Alarm Box screwed to the ceiling of the MASC room.

To prevent this happening running 100 Watts the Vertical was to be located in the middle of what was the Football Pitch. The whole site has been sold to a developer who is going to build a new Club House, demolish the existing & built 139 houses on the site.

Imagine our horror when CARS Members were putting up the Vertical in the centre of the field in long grass when a huge John Dere tractor with a flail appeared to cut it. However the grass cutting team were very accommodating.   We had to leave the field (cannot get nearer than 24 feet from an operating Flail) while they cut a large area to enable us to erect the aerial - phewww! Having cut the centre we were allowed back & erected the Aerial.

Tractor & flail

Tractor cutting the standing grass with the Vertical in place.

Once the aerial was connected a test tranmission was made with Bob, G3ASE, one of Pat, G3VA's contacts.   Conditions were not good but a 4 by 7 contact was made, we were in business and the TX was shut down to await the arrival of Harry's Family, CARS Members & the general public.

Brian G3CVI in QSO with G3ASE
Brian G3CVI in QSO with G3ASE

Julie, Wife of G4CTS, Pauline, Wife of G8DET, John, G8DET & Murray, G6JYB

Sailing friends of Harry, Julie, Wife of G4CTS (in black top), Murray, G6JYB, Pauline, Wife of G8DET and John, G8DET.

Another table
Margaret (nearest camera) Wife of SK Geoff, G2AMQ, June, Wife of Tony, G4YTG (next), Geoff, G3EDM & Brian, G3CVI.

 Ela, G6HKM (standing), Margaret talking to Silvia, Wife of G3EDM, June and Tony.
Ela, G6HKM (standing), Margaret talking to Silvia, Wife of G3EDM, June and Tony.
Note the huddle behind as Harry arrives.

Harry arriving
Harry arriving & talking to a racing chum from years ago.

Harry in QSO with his Net

Harry, G5HF in QSO with his Voluntary Interceptor Net using GB5HF.
Greetings messages were passed and to members of Harry's Family & the public present.

Peter Heap, Harry's Son

Peter Heap, Harry's Son who with Carmen, his Wife & Adrian his Son-in Law & Wife, Ann organised the Event.

As a child, Peter used to play with Peter Varney, Son of Louis Varney, G5RV developer of the famous G5RV Aerial.

Peter Heap
Peter Heap in front of the CARS FT 847.
Unfortunately a piece of MASC kitchen equipment was switched on which provided +100dB induced QRM such that QSOs were totally impossible so the plug had to be pulled earlier than anticapted. However a good number of contacts were made & a special QSL Card will be produced to commemorate the Event.

Group photograph
Some of the large number of people who attended the event.

Group photograph
Another view of the Group.
Photograph by Murray, G6JYB

Group photograph
Close-up of Harry, G5HF.
Photograph by Murray, G6JYB

A few minutes after the Aerial was taken down (early) and this photograph was taken a storm swept the area - so the QRM
had its advantage after all.

A great team effort - thanks to everyone - send your QSL cards, preferably via the RSGB Bureau - or direct - see CARS Web Site Home Page for directions.

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