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GB0MWT 85th CARS Anniversary

85th Club Anniversary
April-May 2021
CARS Members On Air
"GB0MWT on Air"
By CARS Members

April had two key operating events:-

Operation included the BAE/Marconi Great Baddow site and home qth's, simplex and CARS Nets similar to the arrangements used for GB100MZX last year.

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    GB0MWT Activity Report

    A team from CARS operated the special call GB0MWT from 17 April to 14 May 2021 to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the foundation of CARS. On the HF bands Alan G0RTH, Andy G0IBN, John M0JOC, Keith G3WGE and Paul G4PVM operated using CW, SSB and FT8 on all bands from 80 to 10m. Being at sunspot minimum, conditions were not great but there were a few sunspots and the solar flux levels were low and some good DX was worked.

    In all 1371 QSOs were made (the vast majority on CW), with 1105 unique callsigns in all continents and with 78 countries. Over 90% of the QSOs were with Europe but notable contacts were made with Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Afghanistan, St Helena, South Africa, Canada, the USA and the Caribbean. The majority of contacts were on 20, 30 and 40m with some long distance contacts on 15m, and some Sporadic-E in 10m.

    The special call was also used on the club nets. The 80m club net on 27 April 2021 attracted 8 people, including Andy in Oxford, Patrick in Wales and Brian in Belfast I believe and Garry in Brittany with Les G4JDS, Bob G4MDB and Colin G0TRM. Net controller was Keith G3WGE. The net on the GB3DA 2m repeater on 11 May 2021 was joined by John G4IMS, Les G4JDS, John G8DET, Colin G0TRM, Murray G6JYB, Mick M7TRU, Dorothy M0LMR and Peter M0PSX. A 2m CW net on 25/04/2021 was joined by Les G4JDS, Steve G4OCP and Keith M0KNG.


    The club also qualified for a number of awards from the QSOs made. One was from the Hungarian national society (MRASZ) for working special event stations with the HA230 prefix to commemorate the 230th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Morse.

    Hungarian national society (MRASZ) HA230 Certificate was one of the awards to GB0MWT

    The others were from the Union of Radio Amateurs of Russia (SRR) for working Russian stations with using the RP76 prefix, as well as stations from Belarus (EW76) and Bulgaria (LZ76), to commemorate the end of the Second World War. (1945-2021 - 76th anniversary of 'Podeba', Victory Memorial)

    CARS qualified for all five awards; the Base award (38 QSOs), the Motherland award (75 QSOs), and three awards for contacting specific cities, the Hero Cities award, the Cities of Military Glory award, and the Cities of Labour Valour award.

    RP76 Base and Motherland Awards

    RP76 Hero Cities, Military Glory and Labour Valour Awards

    Footnote - countries worked:-

    • NA: 17 QSOs, countries: K, KP4, VE
    • SA: 3 - FY, PJ2, PY
    • EU: 1014
    • AF: 18 - 5Z, 7X, CN, EA8, EA9, FR, IG9, TZ, ZD7, ZS
    • AS: 63 - 4L, 4X, 5B, 9K, HS, JA, TA, UA9, UK, UN, YA
    • OC: 6 - VK, YB, ZL

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