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International Marconi Day - IMD

Guglielmo Marconi was born on 25th April 1874. International Marconi Day is celebrated every year on the Saturday closest to his birthday.

The IMD event was intially developed by the late Norman Pasco G4USB in 1988 and continues to be coordinated by the Cornish Radio Amateur Club GX4CRC/

Registered stations, sometimes known as award stations, (which need to have a historical Marconi connection) can be worked as part of the event and an award scheme.

An example of an award certificate, won by CARS in 1990, is shown for working 10 other award stations:-

1990 IMD Certificate awarded to CARS club station G0MWT (lead operator Roy Martyr G3PMX)

For this 1990 example, CARS worked the stations below. Note that nowadays the requirement for an award is to work 15 stations.

1)        GB2IMD        Northern Ireland, Rathlin Island
2)        GB2MDI        Pepperbox Hill Salisbury
3)        K1VV/IMD      Cape Cod, USA.
4)        IY0TCI        Civitavecchia, Italy
5)        IY1TTM        Sestri Levanti
6)        VE1IMD        Nova Scotia, Canada
7)        DA0IMD        Borkum Island
8)        GB4MDI        Flat Holm Island
9)        EI2IMD        Eire
10)       GB4IMD        Cornwall, UK (Organisers)

Reports of various IMD operating events over the years can be found in our Past Events and Sandford Mill pages.

IMD is not a contest - more a celebration and outreach opportunity

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