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International Marconi Day - 2021

IMD Weekend
Sat 24-Apr-2021
BAE Systems Great Baddow et al
"CARS Operating GX0MWT"
CARS Members

Guglielmo Marconi was born on 25th April 1874. International Marconi Day is celebrated every year on the Saturday closest to his birthday. This year CARS operated one of 41 special event stations on Saturday 24/04/2021.

Andy G0IBN operating from home, and Paul G4PVM operating from the former Marconi Research Centre (now BAE Systems) at Great Baddow, operated as GX0MWT and worked 197 stations in 31 countries using CW and SSB on bands from 10 to 80m. The majority of contacts were with Europe but several stations from the USA, Canada and Turkey were worked.

We tried for the award for working 15 IMD stations but fell one short. The following stations were worked:-

1)        EI1IMD        Avondhu RC, Crookhaven, County Cork.
2)        EI6YXQ        Marconi Site, Ballybunion, County Kerry.
3)        GB0CMS        Caister Marconi Station, Life Boat Station, Norfolk.
4)        GB0MGY        Harlow Radio Society, Essex.
5)        GB2OWM        Orkney Wireless Museum, Orkney, Scotland.
6)        GB4IMD        Cornwall, UK (Organisers).
7)        GB4MHS        Museum of History & Science, Oxford.
8)        GB5FHC        Fraserburg Heritage Centre, Fraserburg, Scotland.
9)        IY0CG         Castel Gandolfo.
10)       IY1SP         La Spezia - Museo Tecnico Navale.
11)       IY5PIS        Coltano.
12)       K3IMD         Hartstown, Pennsylvania, USA.
13)       KM1CC         Marconi Cape Cod RC, USA.
14)       OE21M         Vienna, Austria.
We also worked one "unofficial" station VO1MRC, the Marconi Amateur Radio Club in Newfoundland. The one that got away (heard but not worked) HV9SMG (Vatican City), K3SAV (USS Savannah, Baltimore), VP8VPC (Stanley, Falkland Is), WA1WCC (Chatham, MA).

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