Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

Platinum Jubilee Radio Nets

Please join us on air for the Chelmsford Jubilee Nets:-

For June 2022, CARS will be using the Special 'Q' RSL as part of its club callsign and will be celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

June 2022 also marks the tenth anniversary of Chelmsford achieving City status, in the previous 2012 Diamond Jubilee. (Letters Patent for Chelmsford City were received on 6-Jun-2012)

So during June 2022 please work us as GQ0MWT on our club radio nets as follows:-

14-Jun-2022 VHF - The 2nd Tuesday in the Month
This is the CARS VHF FM Net using GB3DA from Danbury starting at 8pm (local).
GB3DA is 145.125MHz Input and 145.725MHz Output - and CTCSS-only, 2min timeout
If for any reason GB3DA is not available then 145.375 Simplex will be used.

21-Jun-2022 UHF - The 3rd Tuesday in the Month
This is the CARS UHF FM Net using GB3ER from Danbury and starting at 8pm (local).
GB3ER is 434.675MHz Input and 433.075MHz Output - and is CTCSS-only

28-Jun-2022 HF - The 4th Tuesday in the Month
This is the CARS 80m Net on "3756kHz" Night, SSB and starting at 8pm (local).
Horizontal aerials are best.
The idea is to enable distant CARS Members to join the Net.

Further info:

  • CARS Nets: here

    CARS nets utilise the Danbury GB3DA/ER repeaters. We support Essex Repeater Group and encourage you to do likewise

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