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26thJanuary 2007 Added Patrick's QSL Award.

CARS Member Patrick M0XAP receives QSL Award

During the World Football Competition, Patrick, M0XAP needed 200 'ordinary' German stations and 24 DQ's and 12 DR's to claim the Award. In the event he got 253 ordinary stations and 26 DQ's and 12 DR's. These were amassed between 1.5.2006 and 31.8.2006.

German Foot Ball Award


Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society Member Receives Award

Jim Beatwell receiving Contest Award

Jim Beatwell, 2E1GUA receiving the Intermediate Award from
RSGB President, Mr J D Smith, MI0AEX at the IOTA & HF Convention, 8th October 2005.
Photo by Steve, CARS Contest Manager, G4ZUL

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