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Unveiling the Statue of Marconi in Chelmsford, 2003.

Chelmsford Borough Council invited Harry, G5HF President of CARS and John, G8DET Chairman of CARS to attend the official unveiling of the statue of Marconi on Monday, 3rd February, 2003.

The statue is located in the entrance hall of the Record Offices, Wharf Road, Chelmsford. It is a bronze produced by Mr Stephen Hicklin who was successful from 100 artists.

Councillor Michael Mackrory, Leader of Chelmsford Borough Council introduced Princess Elettra and set the scene of why the statue was commissioned. He invited the Princess to unveil the statue of her Father, Guglielmo Marconi. She gave a nice speech in which she said she was pleased that Chelmsford had honoured her Father.

CARS Chairman, John Bowen had the opportunity to have a chat with the Princess and reminded her of the 100 year Marconi Celebrations just over one year ago when she transmitted to Cape Cod. She said she remembered the event with pleasure and liked the photographs of herself on the CARS Web Site.

Princess Elettra and John Bowen, G8DET

Princess Elettra and John Bowen, G8DET with the statue of Marconi.
Photograph by Harry Heap, G5HF.

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