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Mills on the Air, 2012 - Stock Windmill

12th October 2012Copied from the Home Web Site.

CARS Operated from Stock Windmill, Saturday, 12th and Sunday 13th May.

Many visitors and CARS Members joined us to commemorate the Windmills On The Air.   CARS used GB5SM.

The weather was very fine and dried off the watery land during the weekend - very different to the previous period.

Stock Windmill.

Unfortunately a site-visit on Wednesday proved it was nearly underwater and would not support a car let alone Mark’s 5 Ton caravan so we operated from a tent and then only HF.   2m would be from Marks car.

As the caravan will not be on site we will lose toilet facilities.   We will have tea facilities.

Mark's Land Rover (and 2metre station) and the HF Tent on Saturday morning.
Note the Comet 250B Vertical Aerial and the 6M+2M+70cm Aerial on Marks car.
The shadow of one of the sails can be seen.

The Windmill was open to the public on Sunday from 2 to 5pm - FREE Admission - Staffed by CBC Friends of the Windmill to give you a conducted tour or this Green Energy giant.   Over 100 visitors came to the site - a great turn-out.

Stock-GB5SM Stock-GB5SM
CARS Banner announcing "We are in attendance" thanks to David G3SVI and Myra M0MYR.
The Windmill turned around 180 degrees in the night due to change in the wind direction.

Stock-GB5SM Stock-GB5SM
Peter, G3SUY, Patrick, M0XAP (Organiser) and Mark M0IEO.
Luke, M6LNT operating the HF rig.
Photos taken by James, 2E1GUA - thanks.

Stock-GB5SM Stock-GB5SM
Norman M0FZW operating 2Metres from the back of Mark'car - 50 plus contacts made.
Taking down the Comet 250B Aerial - the sad part of a good event where 17 Mills were contacted including Holland and Southern Ireland.

James, 2E1GUA cycled a little further to another Windmill and gave a hand to GB2RWM at Rayleigh.
Photo submitted by James - thanks a nice photo.

And finally, to all those who worked the HF or VHF station, your calls made the weekend worthwhile.   Special QSL Cards are available via the RSGB Bureau or Direct from: -

PO Box 112,
CM3 4DF.

Enclosing a SAE.

73 de Mark Sanderson, M0IEO.

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