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CARS Christmas Lunch December 2008

29th January 2009 Corrected the Report & pictures.


CARS held its Christmas Dinners at The Chimes Resturant it The Rettendon Bell, Rettendon Common on Saturday, 6th December at the slightly earlier time of 12.30pm.

We had a nice party of 31 persons, including invited guests of Philip Brooks, G4NZQ (RSGB Rep for Area 12) from Norwich and Peter Best, G8BLS, Chairman of Felixstowe and District Amateur Radio Society (FDARS) and lecturer to CARS during 2008, from Ipswich.

The restaurant was beautifully decorated with Christmas Banners, streamers & bells.
Although it seemed a cold day the sun shone & a lovely blue sky was above us - much better than in the North of England where they had snow & frost.

General view of Restarurant
General view of Restarurant, from right to left, Stuart, 2E0VZL,
Teresa (Stuart's wife) and Mavis, G0XBC from Wheathampstead.
Photos by John, G8DET

Guest Table
Philip, G4NZQ (right) talking to Murray, G6JYB, Mr & Mrs Eley talking to
Clive, M0GHH with Zippy, G4ZPE looking at the camera.
Just the eyebrows of Frances, Carl's wife to be seen behind Carl, G3PEM.

Group Table
Raffle organiser, Geoff. G7KLV (right), CARS President, Harry, G5HF then Ethel.
Geoff, G3EDM at the end with Silvia and Margret (XYL of the Late G2AMQ) Betty Dews &
Ken Dews, G3PMW and Phyllis, Geoff's wife.

There was plenty of chatter including "How do you stop a pussy cat from using a newly installed Satellite HD Box as her private loo?".

Group Table
Fred, G6XFM (right) next to Guest Peter, G8BLS with CARS Aerial expert Tony, G4YTG in the corner.
June is sitting next to Mrs Whittle with Ken, G7RFT looking relaxed at the camera.

Peter brought along his latest project - a Vertical Aerial matching unit which provided a talking point.

Chairman's Table
Murray's head in close-up, part of Clive with Zippy getting stuck into his lunch.
Carl's wife, Frances just about to start her meal.

Chairman's Table
Pauline, wife of Chairman John, G8DET (right) next to CARS QSL Manager Patrick, M0XAP and his wife.
Opposite is Adrian, M0ABY & his wife, Mavis, G0XBC, Thersa and Stuart, 2E0VZL.

Trivia sheets provided by Colin, G0TRM were circulated to the amusement of those who read then - thanks Colin.
Phillip started the Raffle draw and a number of Prizes were won.

Zippy proposing a Vote of Thanks to CARS
Zippy, G4ZPE proposing a Vote of Thanks to CARS for inviting him to the Lunch & to John for organising it.
Thanks - very much appreciated.

Our thanks to Mrs Jean Johnson for providing an excellent 3 course meal and Roy Liddiard for cooking it.

Thanks to all those who supported CARS Christmas Lunch - we all enjoyed it.

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