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CARS Christmas Lunch December 2013

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CARS Christmas Lunch at The "Lodge Country Inn",
SS11 7QT.   7th December 2013.

We used the same Venue we have used for the past two Lunches as they looked after us well.

Martyn, G1EFL and his Wife, Val organised the event although unfortunately a number of CARS Members could not attend a good number did make their way on a bright, cool and dry day to Rettenden.   One of the first to arrive was Dave Penny who had driven from his new house in Norfolk and with his Son from Braintree.

The Lodge country Inn had been very nicely refurbished for us to enjoy the new carpets, wallpaper and lights - very smart - thank you.

We were again in the Conservatory and looking at a table with 14 lovely Raffle Prizes including two one Litre bottles of 12 year old Brandy.   Thanks to those who so generously donated the prizes.

Vice President John, G8DET assumed Master of Ceremonies as CARS President and Chairman were not present. and Vice President Geoff, G3EDM was recovering from a bad cold.
He started by telling them of him contacting Essex County Council about the Sandon Park and Ride Wind Turbine rotating at normal speed even though there was no wind.   It appears it can "Motor" - taking energy from the Mains to turn itself as it waits for the wind to reappear!

He then reminded them that Pat Gowen, G3IOR came to Marconi, Arbour Lane in September 1998 and told CARS he had witnessed his house slide onto the beach at Hemsby - hence his interest in waves in Norfolk.   This was when Dick Brocks, G3WHR was President and the Secretary was the late Charles Shelton, G0GJS.   It was interesting to note that CARS used to have a SSTV Net on 28MHz on a Thursday evening in those days.   The Daily Telegraph for Saturday, 11th July 1998 was circulated which featured Pat taking water samples at Hemsby.

CARS Christmas Lunch
Part of the party. Photos by John G8DET

CARS Christmas Lunch

CARS Christmas Lunch

CARS Christmas Lunch

CARS Christmas Lunch

CARS Christmas Lunch
Photo taken by Graham Leggett, G7JYD.

The first course was served - all were lovely.

The Main course was served starting with Salmon - a very good portion with nicely cooked vegatables.
The rest of the meals were served in order finishing with Turkey.

The Raffle was then drawn with Pauline Bowen drawing the winning ticket once she had turned out her handbag!   People selected the prizes to their taste and all were very happy.

Sweet was served with the last being John with the only portion of Cheese and Biscuits ordered.

CARS Christmas Lunch
Cheese and Biscuits - lovely!

Many friends and Members found themselves sitting next to people that had not met before but it was surprising the areas of common interest which were found.   The loud level a chat indicated the degree of talking which went on.   There were no quizes.

Val was presented with a lovely flower as a token of thanks for organising yet another good CARS Event.

Tea, Coffee and Mints were served and the party broke up at 3.30pm.

What do we do next year?   Do we repeat the excellent event?   Suggestions to a Committee Member, please.

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