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CARS Meetings October to December 2007

6th January 2008 Added October Meeting Report.

December Meeting - Photographic Social Evening with Colchester Radio Amateur Group

Chairman John, G8DET welcomed Members & visitors and introduced Kevan, 2E0WMG, Chairman of the Colchester Radio Group.

The evening started with John showing a collection of pictures starting with Harry, G5HF’s 90th radio birthday party in June. This was followed by Martyn, G1EFL’s pictures of his Wife, Val & Koos, GU0GUX at the radio den in an old German Bunker which had been modernised by the local Radio Society in Guernsey. Koos was the amateur who appeared in the Echolink Demonstration after the October AGM.

Martyn & Koos outside Bunker Inside the Bunker
Martyn & Koos outside the Bunker - Inside the underground Bunker

Next a photo of Eric with 2 Marconi veterans appeared and was followed by the QSL Card for G3JTW and photo featuring Malcolm Granville, GI8AFS who now lives in Northern Ireland.

G8DET appeared sitting in front of his 2 monitor computer. The Muckleburgh Collection was next seen with pictures of the entrance door marked G0NWT & GB2NC. The collection on show included the large home constructed station of the late G6HL, 1154 & 1155, Gibson Girl emergency transmitter, R216, R107, 52 Set, 19 Set, 62 Set and one of three computer monitors which displayed the weather, messages from the Titanic and Morse.

G6HL's home constructed radio station 1154 & 1155
G6HL's home constructed radio station - 1154 Transmitter & 1155 Receiver

Ron, M3CAM’s station cat using his Morse Key was shown followed by Colin, G0TRM’s pictures of 2 men up the radio mast by the Water Tower in Danbury. Carl, G3PEM’s picture of the Russian Sputnik taken at the Brussels’s Fair in 1958 preceded John’s pictures of the PO Tower in London & Wootton Under Edge, Gloucestershire.

Shadow from Wootton Under Edge PO Tower - 1965 Wootton Under Edge PO Tower Wootton Under Edge PO Tower
Wootton Under Edge PO Tower - 1965

A series of “how not to saw down a tall fir tree” brought gasps of horror from the audience.

Murray had ready his computer to show a presentation from Cornwall by Eric, G8ADX which featured Goonhilly, Poldhu and early Marconi photos and what is there now.

Trevor had a CD with a lovely series of photos of New Street, taken by Ian Cox, G6ECK of Selex which brought howls of delight from those in the audience who remembered buildings and rooms where they had worked in the past including German machine gun bullet marks from WWII. This series included shots of all the buildings at the rear of New Street which will be demolished during 2008 to make way from a redevelopment.

Marconi's New Street Ceiling inside New Street
Marconi's New Street

Roof shot - Marconi's New Street Roof shot - New Street
Photographs taken from the roof - all factory sheds will be demolished in August 2008 & redeveloped.
Anglia Ruskin University buildings behind the chimney and Globe House is to the right.

Kevan then took the floor using Murray’s computer and PowerPoint and showed a lovely series of pictures of the main aims of the Colchester Club & there many Field Day events where they erect 5 high masts for various VHF & HF Competitions.
A nice new white large tent caught the eye of the CARS Committee which would be ideal for NFD. It was sign written with Colchester’s details and made a good publicity statement. This was a delightful presentation shown in a relaxed but riveting manner. Thank you so much Kevan.

The Meeting listened to the crashing onto the Moon in May 1965 of the Russian Satellite Lunik 5 – recorded by Jodrell Bank & found by Ken, G7RFT in his attic.

Geoff, G7KLV next presented a series of pictures showing the CARS outing to the RAF Signal’s Museum at Henlow. A HR24 was seen but in a poorer state than that one at Sandford Mill. There were very good examples of most RAF equipment which had been in use over the past 70 years or so.

RAF Henlow RAF Henlow
Photographs taken of CARS Members at RAF Henlow Museum.

Jim Salmon took the floor and talked us though a number of pictures from his CD. It started with a lovely picture of Radio Caroline and a “Light Blue Touch Paper and Run” notice. Then followed some pictures from Angel Radio & Jim working portable from his car with a tall aerial. The final picture was a lovely aerial shot of Radio Nordsee International.

Historic photograph of Radio Caroline Historic photograph of Radio Caroline
Historic photographs of Radio Caroline.

The many Raffle Tickets were drawn by Kevan after the refreshment break and the profits went to the Air Ambulance Fund. A slice of Christmas Cake/Mince Pies was enjoyed by all those not slimming in readiness for Christmas!

A series of still photographs of CARS NFD preceded Steve’s amateur movie film of the event and this concluded a varied evening of photographic interest.

Thanks to Kevan from Colchester & all who provided the photographs. John, G8DET.

November Meeting - The Changing Face of Radio by Elaine Richards of Radio User Magazine

November's Meeting

Elaine Richards, G4LFM, Editor of Radio User Magazine (renamed from The Short Wave Magazine) drove all the way from Ringwood (Hampshire, which took 4 hours) to present "The Changing Face of Hobby Radio" to a large audience.

This was a first in many ways - first time Elaine had visited CARS, first time she had presented this talk to any Radio Society & the first time she had put together a presentation using PowerPoint.   It all went very well, indeed - CARS now feel that she will be in high demand!

Elaine Richards at CARS
Elaine Richards at CARS
Photo by John, G8DET

Using her laptop she showed and explained milestones in radio history.   These included Digi-modes, AMTOR, CB, Computers in use with Radio, WiFi, Scanners, Very Low Frequency (17kHz) and the latest Amateur Radio Licence Regulation changes which have see such an increase in numbers joining the hobby.

She quoted CARS as being very good with it's Training Program and this prompted the photographers present to get those present to pose with Elaine for a photo opportunity. Unfortunately CARS Training Manager, Clive, G1EUC & Invigilator David, M0BQC were not in the pictures.

Training Group with Elaine Richards
Training Group with Elaine Richards
Photo by Colin, G0TRM

Programme Secretary Martyn, G1EFL presented Elaine with a memento to remind her of her trip to Chelmsford.

Martyn & Elaine Richards at CARS
Martyn, G1EFL & Elaine Richards at CARS
Photo by John, G8DET

After the refreshment break Elaine drew out the 16 winning tickets to the now usual superb Raffle conducted this time by Fred, G6FXM.

She also present Chairman, John, G8DET with the certificate for being awarded "Amateur of the Year".

Trevor, M5AKA keeps the Radio User Magazine informed about CARS activities.

Thank you Radio User Magazine for releasing Elaine to come all the way to Chelmsford.

October Meeting - Annual General Meeting & Echolink Presentation.

Chairman John opened the meeting with the usual items of interest and then invited Carl, G3PEM to introduce the presentation of the Certificates by President, Harry, G5HF.

First was the first-time Winner of the Constructors Competition – Gwyn G4FKH for Morse Keyer.
• 3rd Prize was Geoff, G7KLV for his complete Toaster.
• 2nd Prize was Brian, 2E1RMD for his Receiver & Dummy Load – he also collected the Chelmsford Award for using Echolink only.
• 1st Prize went to Richard, M3YLB for a beautifully constructed Morse Key on a Granite plinth.

Amateur of the Year Award went to John, G8DET.

October Meeting - Annual General Meeting.
The Chairman then opened the AGM noting Apologies. He then read the Minutes of the 2006 AGM written by Minute Sec, Jim, 2E0JPS, which were voted for & accepted.

The Chairman then said that besides those hard working persons in the CARS Committee a large number of additional tasks were undertaken which are often taken for granted. These were then listed and the audience responded with a clap of appreciation.

The Membership Member Brian, G3CVI took the seat and said that we had over 100 Members and that 2007 had been another very good year.

Putting his Treasure’s hat on he said that CARS had paid out more money than had been collected – this was done happily - we had sponsored the Training Team to go to Scotland to collect the Kenwood Trophy – purchased a number of items etc. The cost of hiring the excellent room in MASC was always slowly being increased. The Accounts were voted for and accepted. Brian said that to offset inflation he felt that a small increase in the Subs was in order and suggested £12 which after discussion was voted for and accepted.

The existing Committee were thanked by President Harry, G5HF for their good work in the past year and then requested Chairman John to step down. He invited anyone to become Chairman but, as no one seemed keen, proposed that John G8DET be elected Chairman yet again. This was voted for and carried. Harry then proposed that those of the existing Committee who were prepared to stand again be re-elected en-bloc – voted for & carried.

John then took the Chair and Proposed Jeremy, M0DUT to join the Committee – voted for and carried.

Under “Any other Business”, Gwyn took the floor and requested the new Committee to promote Morse – the audience gave a murmur of agreement.

The AGM closed at 8.45pm for refreshments.

When the meeting reconvened the Raffle was drawn and Clive, G1EUC was then invited to start the Echolink Presentation.     Clive said that providing the concept of Echolink could be understood – it was then simple – demonstrated this with a nicely produced slide from Murray, G6JYB’s laptop which showed the sequence of events in an Echolink call.
These are available for Broadband users on the CARS Web Site.

Hand-held RF to an Echolink Node – PC – Internet – PC – distant station Echolink Node – RF to a distant Hand-held or fixed Amateur Radio.

The next slide gave a Google Earth picture of some of the many thousands of Echolink Nodes there were in America.

Local Gateways were quoted as being: -
  MB7IDA   144.8375 MHz   Danbury
  MB7ICM   50.53 MHz   Chelmsford
  MB7ICF   29.63 MHz   Chelmsford
  MB7IWB   145.3375 MHz   Grt Totham

Martyn’s Favourite Nodes were then projected: -
  Node   Call-sign   Country
  6504   ZL1VK   Auckland NZ
  5661   9H1BBS   Malta
  7385   DB0EL   Munich DE
  57801   VK6RLM   Perth AU

The Commands were then stated.

After a lively question and answer period and bang on time Martyn G1EFL, entered in some Node details and called CQ.     After a moments delay while he changed aerials GU0GUX replied. “Good Evening Koos” said Martyn.
Koos Scheffer, GU0GUX on the Isle of Guernsey was waiting for Martyn’s call. The link was coupled to the Club PA but unfortunately was slightly overdriven but the audience were used to listening to Amateur speech so could follow the QSO.

Martyn met Koos on the air in August 2006 and a friendship has grown up. Koos and his wife Judy and son Andrew (also Licensed) have visited Martyn & his wife Val in Chelmsford and when they were in Guernsey visited Koos in his house. Koos assists the running of the Amateur Radio Station situated in a German underground Bunker. It demonstrated how using a handheld one can have a QSO from a poor location to someone on the other side of the world who shares your interest in radio and develop friendships.

Martyn recommends a book called “VoIP Internet Linking for Radio Amateurs” by Jonathan Taylor, K1RFD, available from the ARRL. A good source for Node Numbers around the World is a book which has been complied by G4WLI Peter - contact Mike G0UKM direct for further information and cost of the book. Another good and useful place to obtain node numbers is at and also check out

Thank you Clive, Martyn, Murray and Koos for the information & presentation.

John G8DET.

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