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CARS Meetings: July - Sept 2012

July Meeting
Tuesday 3rd July 2012, 7.30pm
"Table Top Sale"
By Colin Page G0TRM

It’s July already and time for our usual summer time event, the CARS Table Top Sale.

People did have a good look at all the unused radio or electronic bits and pieces that are lurking in the corner of their shack/ garage/ loft greenhouse/wardrobe/under-stairs cupboard etc.

Plenty of tables were booked from Colin G0TRM.

70 persons turned up but were held back by newly promoted Sercurity Manager James, 2E1GUA until 7.30pm when they were let in to start buying.

Plenty of early trading was carried out with plenty more which could have been sold.

CARS had its famous Raffle which was drawn by Luke from Canvey Island at the earlier time of 8.30pm.

The worst part was taking the unsold items back to the car but it was not raining so not too bad.

Thanks to all who brought items to sell/give away and to the many who turned up and bought.   See you again next year.

August Meeting:-
Tuesday, 7th August 2012 at 7.30pm.
"CARS Constructors Competition".
By CARS President, Carl Thomson, G3PEM.

Time flies and it is the CARS Annual Constructors Competition time again.

This event has been carved into the annuals of CARS and it is where CARS Paid-Up Members bring along whatever they wish to show the eager audience what they have been making/modifying during the past year/maybe 10 years.

There are few rules except it should be physically and electrically safe (not a unsupporting 200 ft vertical Aerial inside Power Lines).
If it has a radio or electronic bias so much the better.

This year CARS President was also Chairman due to John G8DET recovering from a leg operation.

August Meeting August Meeting
Carl opening the Meeting and Andy reading his design specification for his entry.
Photos by Dave Bolwell, ex G3JCM

Eight projects were submitted plus Colin G0TRM submitted an "interest project" and all were of a high standard - thanks.

August Meeting August Meeting
Andy Tyler G1GKN with his Remote Aerial Changeover and Tuner Unit.
Photos by Trevor M5AKA using his Mobile Phone Camera

August Meeting August Meeting
Carl G3PEM's 20Metre TX and Colin, G0TRM's Clockwork Morse Sender.

August Meeting
Tony G4YTG Aerial Traps and Top Band Transmitter by John Roe G4IMS with 3rd Prize.

August Meeting August Meeting
Morse Word per Minute Counter by Dave Ellis G4AJY who won the 'First Time Winner's Prize' and CARS Members at Break-Time.
Photos by Dave Bolwell, ex G3JCM

Patrick, M0XAP described in detail his current Top Band antenna and showed only diagrams. No hardware.

Martin Final, G4TOO entered a Long Wire and Tuneable Antenna combination for use as a kite aerial. No photo of his entry.

August Meeting August Meeting
Winners of the Construction Competition and Carl presenting the Winning Entry to Andy Tyler.
Photos by Dave Bolwell, ex G3JCM

More photos and results as they are presented.

Peter Graves gave away a large number of Raffle Prizes.
PS, a folding crate was also given as a Raffle Prize but it belongs to John, G8DET and was used to transport items to the meeting.   It has his name on it - would the now owner be so good as to arrage its return as it belongs in the Wifes car!
A suitable Prize will be negotiated.

September Meeting
Tuesday 4th September 2012, 7.30pm
"Practical Aerials Operated By CARS Members".
By CARS Members.

This Meeting was a Practical Meeting in as much as CARS Members showed what Aerial(s) they have erected in their home QTH.

We were looking for the more usual Aerial CARS Members have to use due to their city location and limitation imposed by the builder who set out the footprint of the house.

Sept Meeting Sept Meeting
Typical wire Aerial with Ladder Feed.

To provide a similar presentation each person followed this format.

Name, Call-Sign, District location, Height above Sea Level, Area of good/bad take-off

Aerial Name, Band(s) used, Rig used, Power (Watts).

Do you use an ATU - if so where is it located? Have you swept the frequency of operation with an Aerial Analyser?

Do you have a Ground Plane - describe what you have.

Do you suffer from TVI?   Level of RX Interference?   Any PLTs nearby?

Any jokes or notably quotes about my Aerial.

What I have worked, Stations, Countries, Expeditions

Anything else of interest to CARS Members.

About 6 photos are requested to provide interest while you are talking.

Please send photos to G8DET before the Meeting so that it can be structured.

An interesting evening was had because no two aerials were the same and each was interesting.

CARS had its famous Raffle with a bottle of "bubbly".

After the Break Carl, G3PEM described his Aerials and finished the Aerial Evening with a photo taken by a neighbour of a RAF Red Arrow flying below his Aerial!

Visitor from America, Louis Poli, N3OL the showed a series of photos of his shack and a number of valves from his extensisive collection.

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