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CARS Meetings October to December 2013

21st January 2013 Added the December Meeting.

October Meeting:-
Tuesday, 1st October, 2013 at 7.30pm.
"Annual General Meeting".
By CARS Members.

In opening the meeting Chairman, John, G8DET welcomed the capacity audience to the new Venue at Oaklands Museum.

Oct Meeting Oct Meeting
Part of the Members present, more came in after the photo was taken.
Brian set up his table at the back of the hall.
All photos by John G8DET

President Carl presented the Constructors Competition Certificates to the following: -

Oct Meeting
Carl presenting Colin his Third Prize for his Morse Key.

Oct Meeting
Carl presenting Patrick his Second Prize for his Base Loading Aerial System.

Oct Meeting
Carl presenting Andy his First Prize and the Anthony Martin Shield which he has now won for the third time.

Oct Meeting
Carl said as Raffle Organiser during 2013 he had noted all those who had bought Raffle tickets - these would be put in a "hat" and a Super Raffle Prize drawn.

Oct Meeting
Carl presenting the Super Raffle Prize to David James, M1DCJ.

Oct Meeting
Murray stepped up and invited everyone to attend the ERG AGM on Thursday, 17th October in Danbury Village Hall at 7.30pm for 8pm.

Oct Meeting
Chairman John opened the AGM by showing the meeting a Gavel which the late Charles Shelton, G0GJS presented to the Chairman to remind CARS that he was Secretary from 1993 to 2000.   The Gavel was made in wood by the late Ralph Polley, G2NAA.
Photo taken by Gwyn, G4FKH.

John, G8DET showed a series of slides starting with the "Advice Sheet" issued to announce that Loius Varney, G5RV was presenting an evening on his "Elizabeth Transmitter" in October 1959.   The Editor was R D May.   This was followed by the copy of the first Newsletter in January 1966 which was edited by the late Tony Dix, G5IX on a 3 month "experimental basis".

Maybe a 100 more slides showed some of the major events in the history of CARS and finished with a copy of the October 2013 issue.

John thanked the Officers and Committee of CARS in the running of the Society to the benefit of us all.
Finally to you our Members who come along every month to support CARS and make every Meeting a very socialable occasion".

Treasurer Brian, G3CVI then presented the Accounts of CARS.   This showed a healthy balance.

Oct Meeting
Brian standing in front of the nice digital projector system presented to the Oaklands Museum by the Friends.

Training Co-ordintor Clive, G1EUC then told the Meeting that from the time over 10 years ago by Chris Chapman, G0IPU - CARS have trained over 400 persons to obtain an Ofcom Amateur Radio Transmitting Licence - a wonderful acheivement .

Oct Meeting
Clive, G1EUC.

The Chairman then stepped down and the Meeting passed to President Carl (who was not feeling very well having been sick for the previous week).

Carl said that Vice Chairman Martyn Medcalf, G1EFL was stepping down after a number of years duty and presented him with a lovely Vase - the audience agreed with a loud applause.

Oct Meeting
Martyn holding the Vase.

Carl thanked Chairman John for putting in countless hours for the benefit of CARS.   He was then presented with 2 Dartington Glass glasses.   Again an applause.

Oct Meeting
John holding the presentation box of glass Goblets.
Photo taken by Gwyn, G4FKH

Carl then said The Newsletter and the Web Site have showed that John Yates, G1UZD was prepared to stand for the post of Chairman, Proposed by Geoff Mill, G3EDM and Seconded by Brian Thwaites, G3CVI. The Meeting Voted John to be Chairman and was greeted by an applause.

Carl then said that The Newsletter and the Web Site have showed that Mark Sanderson, M0IEO was prepared to stand for the post of Vice Chairman, Proposed by John Bowen, G8DET and Seconded by Tony Gilbey, G4YTG.   Does anyone else wish to be considered.

At this point Gwyn, G4FKH rose to his feet and said Can I say something - I know Mark and he is a nice guy but he is on the Committee but he is a high ranking Officer of another Club.   Now that would suggest to me that there would be a "Conflict of Interest".   I am not sure it is the right thing to do .   I want people to think about that.

He was followed by Vice President, Geoff, G3EDM who said I feel like Gwyn.   Whatever Club you belong to - you cannot serve two Clubs.

This threw the Meeting into disarray!

Carl said There is a Proposal to take a Vote on it.

John G8DET then stood up and said I hear what Gwyn and Geoff have said but I think we owe a debt of gratitude to TARG for doing what they have done and also belonging to CARS.   I would like to thank all those who are Members of TARG and also Members of CARS and I invite you to applause this - good applause.   We need to have this association and I think Mark would be an ideal candigate.   Applause.
So although I hear what you say Peter Sipple, M0PSX does a wonderful job lecturing for both TARG and us and please continue.   You have an Executive position in TARG - Secretary - put it to the Vote.

Carl said John has Proposed Mark to be Vice Chairman and Brian Seconded him.
For the Motion - 25 hands showed.
Against. 8 hands showed.
Abstention.   8 hands showed.
Carl then declared that the Motion is Carried - Mark is your Vice Chairman.   Applause.

Post Meeting note - Mark is an Ordinary Member of the TARG Committee with responsibility for the club shack, likewise he has been an Ordinary Member of the CARS Committee with responsibility for organising Club night talks, both of which are Non-Executive positions.

Carl then said The remainder of the Committee have agreed to stand En Bloc, can I have a Proposer and a Seconder
Gwyn Proposed and Ken Whittle, G7RFT Seconded it.   They were "Voted In" with one Abstention.

Geoff, G3EDM then Proposed an Amendment to the Constitution (which had been discussed with Carl beforehand.)
Geoff said People serve for 3 years - so to phase this in.   To start off the Chairman to serve for 3 years - stand down for one year - and then may stand again for re-election.

Gwyn wondered whether people could be co-opted onto the Committee? Yes - was the answer.

Proposed by Geoff - Seconded by Clive, G1EUC.
For - 28
Against - 5
Abstentions - 9.   Vote Carried.

John G8DET was Proposed to be a Vice President by Colin, G0TRM, Seconded by George Civil, G0LKY and was duly elected.

The Meeting control passed to John Yates.

In his Introductory Speech he said I was pleased I only have to serve for 3 years.   Laughter.
We need people to step forward and serve on the Committee.   You can develop your confidence by operating your radio with a microphone.

Carl requested someone to be responcible for caring for the refreshment box but no-one came forward.

The Meeting then took a Break with tea/coffee/chocolate served from the nicely laid out tables on the landing.

After the Break the Raffle was drawn and the meeting finished a few minutes before 10pm.

Report by John G8DET.

Committee for 2013 to October 2014

President:- Carl Thomson, G3PEM,   Vice Presidents:- Geoff Mills, G3EDM, Tony Gilbey, G4YTG and John Bowen, G8DET.

Executive Officers: -   Chairman, John Yates, G1UZD
Vice Chairman elected:- Mark Sanderson, M0IEO but felt later that as his integrety had been challenged he had no option but to resign from CARS completely.
Acting Vice Chairman:- Geoff Mills, G3EDM.
Programme Secretary:- Vacant
Assistant Committee Secretary:- Colin Page, G0TRM (also Essex Chronicle & Weekly News Liaison) assisted by Peter Bridgeman, G3SUY.
Treasurer:- Brian Thwaites, G3CVI, (also Meeting Room and Membership)
QSL Manager:- Patrick Xavier, M0XAP PO Box 112, Danbury, CHELMSFORD CM3 4DF.
eQSL Manager; - Peter Sipple, M0PSX
Newsletter Editor:- Alan Elcoate, G0RTH from December 2013.
Training Co-ordinator:- Clive Ward, G1EUC
Merchandise Manager and RadCom Club Calender Liaision;- Martyn Medcalf, G1EFL
ERG Representative:- Murray Niman, G6JYB
Raffle Organisers - James Beatwell, 2E1GUA & Carl, G3PEM
David Davis, G3SVI & Myra Davis, M0MYR - Public Liaision

Co-opted Members: -
Sandford Mill Liasion:- Geoff Lovegrove, G7KLV
RSGB RadCom Publicity Member: - Trevor, M5AKA.

CARS Meeting.
Tuesday, 5th November 2013 .
At Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street,
CM2 9AQ.   7 for 7.30pm.
"Video Editing using a PC"
By John Yates, G1UZD.

CARS Meeting
Part of the well attended meeting at our new venue.

Chairman John G1UZD opened the very well attended meeting at Oaklands Museum by welcoming Members and visitors.

CARS Meeting
John infront of the rear screen opening the meeting.   Note the ceiling mounted projector.

He reminded everyone to purchase a Raffle Ticket.

CARS Meeting
Carl at the Raffle Table with the many prizes.   The Loudspeaker was for the Radio Microphone.

He also asked everyone to support the CARS Christmas Lunch on Saturday, 7th December at the Lodge Country Inn.   Martyn, G1EFL and Val were at a table of merchandise and to receive Booking Forms for the Lunch.

CARS Meeting
Val at the Merchanising Table.

John then used his laptop to project a series of slides which showed that video recording, like many other technologies, has seen major developments over the years.   He briefly covered some of this development starting with the first professional video tape recorders in the 1950s together with the difficulties in editing - this was quite a memory lane travel as most persons had been involved in this at some time - remember the Betamax Video Recorder?

The arrival of digital video opened up huge possibilities in the manipulation of video by computer to produce video effects, transitions, titling and editing.   The camera and recorder became the integrated camcorder and software soon became available to home users to carry out tasks which were previously only available to professional users.   Like digital still photography, the benefits digital video brings are huge.   The home personal computer can carry out all of the tasks that professional users now do and most of the talk will demonstrate some of these basic tasks using Sony Vegas Pro software.

John then proceeded to demonstrate in real time how to produce and edit a short video film from shots he had taken when CARS attended the G4WAB Olympic Torch event when the Torch actually passed through Oaklands Park in July 2012.   CARS Public Publicity Members, David Davis, G3SVI and his wife, Myra, M0MYR demonstrated Amateur Radio and engaged with the public.

Shots were placed in sequence with "Fade-In" and Fade-Out" with "Blank Periods" to soften the introduction of a new sequence.

CARS Meeting
This shows David operating Amateur Radio in the foyer of Oaklands Museum.
The information along the base was the sequence stream of the action.

CARS Meeting
This shows how to introduce another sequence into the video film.
It actually shows the Olympic Torch as it appeared in front of the Museum.

Having shown how to create a video film John then burnt a copy to a DVD and presented it to David and Myra to applause.

Examples of old and new cameras/camcorders were on show brought in by CARS Members.

CARS Meeting
John showing his lovely Sony HD 16:9 Video Camera where the Memory Card alone cost £400.

CARS Meeting
Carl thanking John for his very well presented evening.   Note the Windows 8.1 projector is unfortunately on Carl's face.

CARS Meeting.
Tuesday, 3rd December 2013 .
At Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street, CM2 9AQ.
"Circuit Design using Computers" and "Social Chat".
by Peter Bridgeman, G3SUY and CARS Members.

Chairman John, G1UZD opened the meeting and welcomed such a good turn out.

CARS Christmas Lunch
John yates opening the Meeting.
Photos by John G8DET.

CARS Christmas Lunch
Part of the meeting before it filled up.

He said that the first part of the evening would be by Peter, G3SUY and his presentation of Circuit Design and the we will see a series of slides by Colin, G0TRM and David Davis, G3SVI.

CARS Christmas Lunch
Peter presenting from his computer using the Oaklands Digital Projector.
Photo by Colin, G0TRM

CARS Christmas Lunch
Diagram of a circuit using the program.
Photo by Colin, G0TRM

CARS Christmas Lunch
Evan the Model of a Whip Aerial on a Car can be shown. Photo by Colin, G0TRM

Peter constructed a number of diagrams and then introduced a Aerial Modelling Program.

CARS Christmas Lunch
3D diagram of an Aerial whose paramiters were specified.

CARS Christmas Lunch
3D Model of the Car

Responding to a question about the effect of different earth conditions, Peter was able to demonstrate a series of different Polar Plots in 3D of the effect of different Earth conditions.

Tea/coffee was served by David, G3SVI and Myra, M0MYR.

CARS Christmas Lunch CARS Christmas Lunch
Tea/Coffee Table and Mince Pies by John., G8DET and David, G3JCM.

Afterwards we will have a Social Chat to enable everyone to meet and enjoy the Amateur Radio company.

Carl and James ran the Raffle.

CARS Christmas Lunch
James, 2E0GUA and Carl. G3PEM on the Raffle table.

CARS Christmas Lunch
President Carl thanking Peter for such a good presentation and presenting the honoured "CARS Mug".

A very good evening - thanks to the Staff at Oaklands Museum for suppling the Digital Projector, tables and nice chairs.

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