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CARS Meetings: July - September 2022

July Meeting
Tue 5-Jul-2022, 7.45-9pm
Danbury Village Hall
"Introduction to Essex RAYNET"
Andy Atkinson M0IXY

At the July Danbury meeting, Andy Atkinson M0IXY presented a nicely illustrated introduction and overview of Essex RAYNET.

As many will be aware the origins of the story go back to the East Coast Floods of 31st January 1953. This prompted the formation of the Radio Amateur Emergency Network in March 1954. In 2017 the independent and RSGB-affiliated groups came together and formed the RAYNET-UK national organisation, which provides administrative support to local groups, of which Essex RAYNET is in Zone-4

The current UK legal framework is the 2004 Civil Contingencies Act and is referenced in the Ofcom amateur licence along with the term 'User Services'.

Essex RAYNET has a role in the Essex Resilience Plan for providing emergency communications to Category 1 and 2 user services. In practice a more common request is to provide comms support for charities and communities events such as runs, cycling, car rallies, Clacton air show etc.


Santa Fun Run for Farleigh Hospice
Supporting Communities Events such as this are good practice and outreach

Currently Essex RAYNET has a membership of ~36 and assets across Essex including its own repeater network, use of APRS etc. There are also regular exercises with User Services including testing procedures and interoperability.

In concluding, Andy summarised some of the features of RAYNET activities:

Comms Support can involve significant planning and assets

Standardised Messaging is essential for User Service interoperability (no Q-Codes!)

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August Meeting
2-Aug-2022, 7.45-9:30pm
Danbury Village Hall
"Ten Different Radio Topics"
Jim Salmon 2E0RMI

The August meeting was an entertaining multimedia presentation by Jim Salmon 2E0RMI that had been delayed from earlier in the year.

Whilst Jim presented the talk, John O’Connell M0JOC ran thru a series of edited video clips and slides that brought each topic to life, making for a great evening.

In summary the ten topics were:-

  1. Radio Caroline in Stormy Seas
  2. Towers, forts and the world’s smallest country - Sealands Thames forts etc
  3. Unesco – World Radio Day & Farm Radio International
  4. What did they think of radio in the 1920’s - 2LO, Upstairs/Downstairs tv clip
  5. A Ham mast and something much bigger –tall ones – inc a 1500ft TV tower
  6. SW and other broadcast radio relay stations
  7. WRMI – Radio Miami International
  8. Internet Live Streaming – an alternate way to reach an audience
  9. Numbers stations, the Russian Buzzer and Duga-3 (the Woodpecker)
  10. A Pathe news clip of the demolition of the Somerton mast nr Yeovil Somerset – which was managed by Tony Gilbey G4YTG for Portishead radio

Changing a bulb on a 1500ft TV Mast, South Dakota

Red Sands forts in the Thames Estuary nr Kent

Many thanks to Jim and John for a great evening!

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September Meeting
6-Sep-2022, 7.30-9:30pm
Danbury Village Hall
"Essex Table Top Sale"
By CARS Members

The great Essex Table Top Sale, hosted by CARS, returned to Danbury Village Hall. for the September meeting - hosted by CARS and using the larger main hall at Danbury.

For those who have missed Canvey Rally, this was an excellent opportunity for Essex radio/electronics bargains, downsizing or recycling.

Despite some extensive invites and reminders, there were not as many tables as planned for, but turnout was good and included visitors from Kent.

In addition to the ‘recycling’ opportunity, the free raffle refreshments etc all contributed to a sociable occasion.

Our thanks to our coordinators John Roe G4IMS & Colin G0TRM and all those on the night – photos by Paul G4PVM:-

Colin G0TRMs table at Tabletop Sale

Elliott M0JBY drawing the raffle with Andy G0IBN

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