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Science & Industry Discovery Day
Sandford Mill - Sep-2002

This was celebrated at the Science and Industry Museum, Sandford Mill, Chelmsford on Sunday, 29th September, 2002.

It was a hot and dry day when the Sandford Mill opened its doors to the adventurious public to celebrate Science & Discovery Day.

The Club Call Sign, GX0MWT (Marconi Wireless Telegraph) was in constant use logging many dozens of stations world wide. Many Club Members operated the Stations and also acted as hosts to explain to some of the 485 Visitors the role of Amateur Radio.

The Club QSLs via the RSGB Bureau or Direct to the QSL Manager Carl, G3PEM, QTHR.

Our thanks to all who made the day the success that it was.
We were also fortunate that the weather was as good as it was.

An exhibit which was popular with the younger visitors was a demonstation of water powered rockets by CARS Member Dr. Geoff Bowles, Keeper of the Science and Industry Museum along with Education Officer, Caroline Hammer.

The idea is to partly fill an empty plastic cola bottle with water and then pump it up with air. When turned up and pointed into the air and released - it rockets upwards.

This picture shows it at the point just after take-off. It travels some 100s of metres. Perhaps this could be the way to launch the next OSCAR satellite!

It is not recommended to "try this at home".

The famous Marconi Hut which was used for the first public music broadcast in 1922 is used by CARS as their transmitter station for HF.

Visitors looking on while Pat G0SBQ (left) listen to a reply to a CQ call just put out. Brian G3CVI is logging.

Suzanne M3ZAN operating the 2 Metre station. Suzanne obtained her Licence after attending CARS Foundation Course in Danbury.
Looking behind you can see a vintage projection 405 line TV set and a large tranmitting valve. How many Kilowatts did I hear you say!.

Brian Thwaites G3CVI operating & Michael Sullivan M3MPS logging. Michael obtained his Licence after attending CARS Foundation Course in Danbury.

Trevor M5AKA operating the Club rig with Brian G3CVI logging. The standing figure Vice President, Charles G0GJS talking to Malcolm, G4KGL.
This photograph was taken by John, G8DET. Trevor, M5AKA took all the others above.

Trevor M5AKA operating the Club rig with Brian G3CVI logging. Brian looks less worried than in the photograph above.
This photograph was taken on film by John G8DET.

Brian G3CVI showing how it should be done. Malcolm G4KGL taking light refreshment in-between logging.
Standing right is Ken G7FRT while Trevor M5AKA is on the left. This photograph was taken by John G8DET using Trevor's digital camera.

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