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BBC Flog-It comes to Sandford Mill - 2003


BBC TV Researcher, Ms Emma Battcock contacted CARS and enquired whether they could assist with the forthcoming Television Programme 'Flog-It' when it came to Chelmsford. CARS suggested that Flog-It could record interviews in the Chelmsford Science & Industry Museum with The Keeper, Dr Geoff Bowles.

It was suggested that a demonstration radio QSO could be arranged with Poldhu in Cornwall. They liked the idea and this was undertaken on Tuesday, 4th November 2003 with the assistance of Geoff Mills, G3EDM. Geoff's QTH is located in Little Baddow on high ground with excellent conditions for DX contacts. The club station GX0MWT was set up in the 2MT hut at the Museum and successfully contacted GB2GM at Poldhu. Our thanks to those who set up the distant station to make the QSO possible.

The following pictures record the event for eventual public transmission on 13th May, 2004 on BBC2 TV at 3.25pm. The CARS filming was edited to just the part of the QSO with Poldhu and another clip of Brian, G3CVI in QSO as a link for Paul Martin to get to the Auction Room. The sound quality being very good. We have been told that this is quite typical - one hours recording for 1/2 minute air time!.

Sandford Mill which houses "The Hut".
Photograph by John, G8DET with thanks to Dr Bowles

Note: For the Flog-It QSO a Marconi Aerial was erected, this not being so good as the larger aerial often erected but thought adequate for the purpose.

BBC Filming in the "Marconi Writtle Hut".

This hut was one of a number which made up a block at Writtle in 1921 which was involved with the first official radio broadcasts in February 1922 under the call-sign "Two Emma Toc", 2MT. This was led by the late Peter Eckersley who in 1927 became the BBC's first Chief Engineer.

It was from this Hut that the Flog-It team filmed most of their programme.

The Marconi Writtle Hut
Photograph by John, G8DET

         BBC Recording Team.
         Photograph by Trevor, M5AKA

Old domestic radios made by Marconi laid out for the BBC.
Photograph by John, G8DET

CARS Club Treasurer Brian, G3CVI being wired for sound
BBC TV Flog-it Presenter Paul Martin (right) looking on
Photograph by Trevor, M5AKA

Producer talking to Paul about the sequence the QSO will be filmed
Photograph by Trevor, M5AKA

Camera being positioned to film Brian, G3CVI making the QSO
This shot was transmitter on the 13th May, 2004.
Photograph by Trevor, M5AKA

Brian tuning in the Club FT 847 during the Poldhu transmission.
Photograph by John, G8DET

Lady with a cup listening to an early radio receiver.
She features behind the CARS operating desk    
Photograph by John, G8DET

BBC Researcher, Emma Battcock with Brian looking at the log.
Photograph by John, G8DET

Emma with Brian & CARS Club Chairman John, G8DET
after the demonstration QSO.
Photograph by Trevor, M5AKA

John G8DET & Dr Bowles
Photograph by Trevor, M5AKA

John and Dr Bowles are standing infront of the table set up by Chris Holten who was filmed talking about old domestic radios he had brought in for the event. He talked about the history of a selection of those on display & gave them a value at aution. Chris Holten & Paul Martin were filmed discussing the value of old domestic radios and this was transmitted on 13th May, 2004. On-Air Paul said that the round radio by John's left hand was worth over £1,000.

After filming at Sandford Mill the BBC team went to the Essex Police Museum where Sarah showed many articles of Police interest.

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