Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

GB5RVA - Louis Varney G5RV Centenary
Science & Industry Museum, Sandford Mill - 2011


Louis Varney G5RV was born in North London on 9th June 1911. He died on the 28th June 2000 at the age of 89.

To commemorate his life, CARS had their monthly meeting on 7th June devoted to Louis.

CARS as a Society operate as a "team" - the Aerial Erection Team tested the 80m aerial over the water for the SSB Aerial; while Tony G4YTG built, erected and tested a 14MHz Dipole over Dr Bowles's Office and fed with 100 metres of RG213 to the Marconi Hut for use by the CW team.

The Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society were operating from Louis's house by kind permission of Nelida, his Widow and were using G5RV. Although both Clubs attempted a contact - conditions were very "funny" and no contact was made.

GB5RVA - Day - Thursday, 9th June 2011.

Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS) use the Marconi Hut first used at Writtle for 2MT, for the first broadcasts in the early 1920s.

Brian G3CVI organised the SSB room in the Marconi Hut using the Club's FT847 and Palstar ATU coupled to the 80metre Dipole slung over the pond outside so aiding take-off.

Gwyn G4FKH organised the CW room, adjacent to the SSB room and as stated above, using a long feed to the 14MHz Aerial over Dr Bowles's office, it is lined up straight in-line with the 80m dipole so as to reduce mutual interference. Gwyn was using the Club IC756 and HP computer for control and logging.

John Yates G1UZD (left); Martyn Medcalf G1EFL; Steve Cocks G4ZUL;
Andrew Kersey G0IBN; Norman Crampton M0FZW and Dave Ellis G4AJY.
photo by Colin, G0TRM

Ofcom had granted the use of GB5RVA special event callsign for the anniversary.

The CW Station on the 14MHz Band made some 170 Contacts and the SSB Station on the 7MHz Band made 80 Contacts.

Brian G3CVI (left) with Patrick M0XAP on the microphone at the SSB Station
Photograph by Colin G0TRM.

Colin carrying his tray of Morse Keys, including those owned by Louis Varney.
Photo using Colin G0TRM's camera

Colin's tray of Morse Keys, including those owned by Louis Varney.
Photograph by Colin G0TRM.

First CW QSL Card received - see the nice comment below.

The note says "Gwyn, Glad to work your special event station.
I had the pleasure of working Louis Varney G5RV many times on CW in years gone by.
73's, Jarmo, OH2BN, Finland.

First SSB QSL Card received - see the reverse below.


A very good day - Thank you Dr Bowles for allowing CARS to operate from the site.

We now only QSL on request - Please send your QSL cards preferably via the RSGB Bureau, or look us upon

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