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The Donald Imber G0VIS, Dedication - Ship's Radio Room

10th December2005 Changed Return Coding. August 2005, added Donald's QSL Card & made minor amendments.

Ship's Radio Room - Marconi Equipment.

The Friend's of Chelmsford Science & Industry Museum at Sandford Mill have recreated a typical ship's radio room with additional equipment donated by the Family of the late Donald Imber, G0VIS.


The following photographs record the event which took place on Sunday, 17th April 2005.

The day was slightly chilly in the wind but very bright & sunny. A very large attendance was present, made up of the Imber Family & Friends, Chelmsford Borough Councillor, Radio Officers Association, Friends of the Museum, Members of Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS), Marconi Veterans Association and visitors.

There are 17 photographs to record this event. They will all load although due to the vagaries of Microsoft some may not initially appear, please press F5 (Refresh) or Reload - they will down-load eventually!

Peter Turrell discussing the TV Camers
Peter Turrell discussing the TV Camera
Photographs by John, G8DET except where stated

New racks to display the Marconi Collection
New racks to display the Marconi Collection
New racks to display the Marconi Collection
New racks to display the Marconi Collection

Tea lady awaiting her customers Tea lady awaiting her customers

CARS Group
CARS Group including from left to right:-
President Harry, G5HF; Phyllis Wife of Geoff, G7KLV (Newsletter Editor); Silvia, Wife of G3EDM; visitor Ethel; Geoff, G3EDM Vice President; Denis, M0FHA; John, G8DET Vice Chairman

Photograph taken by Colin, G0TRM

Radio Officer's Assocciation Banner draped
   across the Radio Room doorway

Dr Bowles
   Dr Geoff Bowles, Keeper of the Sandford Mill, Science & Industry
Museum (right) being interviewed

Group looking at the dedication Group

Christopher Kingsley
Borough Councillor Christopher Kingsley responding to the opening speech by Prof. Brian Cotton (right) Chairman of the Radio Officers Assocciation.

Fiona Imber
Mrs Fiona Imber being invited to dedicate
the room by entering the Radio Room

Fiona Imber
Mrs Fiona Imber inviting her Family to join her in the Radio Room

Fiona with banner
Fiona Imber, Family displaying the Radio Officers Assocciation Banner

Fiona & tea
Fiona Imber & friends enjoying a cup of tea.
Peter Hollister is on the right.
Information provided by Michael Blunden, G3PFH

Ladies in the sun
    Ladies enjoying the sun outside Sandford Mill building

CARS Chairman, Chris G0IPU standing behind his Wife-Vice Chairman John, G8DET standing behind Phyllis, Wife of Geoff, G7KLV
Photograph taken by Colin, G0TRM

Brian Cotton
Prof. Brian Cotton in the Radio Room                    
contemplating after many of the Guests have left          

Imber boys
The Imber boys enjoying the old money tube system

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