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International Marconi Day - 2001

IMD - 21st April 2001

This was celebrated at the Science and Industry Museum, Sandford Mill, Chelmsford.

IMD is celebrated throughout the world when many Stations associated with Marconi stage a Special Event.

CARS operated 2 stations on HF.

The Scouts provided a number of Stations including VHF & Slow Scan TV, and fast scan from the tent to the Marconi Hut - very impressive.

The Club Call Sign, GX0MWT (Marconi Wireless Telegraph) was in constant use logging many hundreds of stations world wide. Many Club Members operated the Stations and also acted as Hosts to explain to some of the 350 Visitors the role of Amateur Radio.

The Club QSLs via the RSGB Bureau or Direct to the QSL Manager Carl G3PEM, QTHR.

Our thanks to all who made the day the success that it was. We were also fortunate that the weather was as good as it was.

Bill Barbone looking at the power output valve of the HS1200, 30kWatt Transmitter he designed in 1964.

This static display is now located next to the Marconi Hut used for the first public music broadcast in 1922.

This hut is now used by CARS for IMD.

Dr Geoff Bowles, Keeper of the Science and History Museum looking at the power supply area of the HS1200.

Behind Dr Bowles is Ex Marconi Design Engineer, Curt Brown.

The standing figure is the Late Ralph Polley, G3NAA; Ken, G7RFT is using the Microphone and Charles, M0APJ is Logging.

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