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International Marconi Day - 2003

IMD at Sandford Mill - and The "Hut".

This hut was one of a number which made up a block at Writtle in 1921. It then moved to a school & for a number of years was used as a sports changing room. A famous England Footballer was one who used it in the 1950s. When the school no longer needed it, it was moved to Sandford Mill.

IMD is the opportunity for a number of amateur radio stations connected with Marconi to contact each other and other amateurs. Since Marconi had operations in just about ever country, this gives plenty of scope to work world wide.

Sandford Mill which houses "The Hut".
Notice the River Chelmer which aids the aerial strung over it.

Photograph by Trevor M5AKA

Tray of valves made by Marconi & EEV Company
Photograph by John G8DET

Two large transmitting valves
Photograph by John, G8DET

Chelmsford Borough Council supports Sandford Mill where IMD is run from and invites the public to enjoy the day.

This day some 350 people visited the event on a nice day in Chelmsford where most of Europe had wet & windy weather.

Marconi Day 2003 - GX0MWT

On Saturday 26-April-2003 Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS) operated for International Marconi Day using the club callsign GX0MWT (Marconi Wireless Telegraph). One of the stations was located in the original wooden hut used by the broadcast station 2MT back in the 1920's. A doublet antenna running over the river was used on 80 and 40 metres. The second HF station used the higher bands and a 3 element tri-band beam which was mounted on a high, flat roof.

This year a VHF Station was put on by the Cub Scouts headed by Martyn, G1EFL & Chris, G0IPU assisted by many Helpers - Thanks to all.

Geoff Mills G3EDM working from the Hut - IMD April-2003.
In the rear is the piano used to accompany Dame Nellie Melba when she made the first public broadcast in June 1920.
Photograph by Trevor, M5AKA

Working from the Hut - IMD 2003.
This and the following photograph by Brian, G3CVI.

Harry Heap G5HF Working from the Hut - IMD 2003.

Ron M3CAM & Malcolm operating in the Hut
The large loudspeaker is to enable members of the public to hear the QSO.

Photograph by John, G8DET.

John M0CQK operating at IMD at the "upper" station.
Photograph by Trevor M5AKA

Keith G3WGE & Jim M3CAH operating the "upper" station.
Photograph by Trevor M5AKA

The stations were operated from 00:00 GMT until 20:00 GMT on Saturday 26th April manned by a team of operators co-ordinated by Brian G3CVI. Special QSL Cards to confirm a contact will be issued by CARS via the RSGB Bureau and the first cards have already been received (2nd May) by our QSL Manager, Carl, G3PEM, QTHR.

A new display was a tribute to one of the Society's Founder Members - the Late Louis Varney, G5RV. G5RV designed the now famous G5RV Aerial which is used by many amateurs throughout the world. A permanent display shows some of his QSL Cards from around the world and an Elizebeth Tranmitter which Louis designed to be "TV Proof". This one was built in 1958 by Dave Bolwell, G3JCM.

Bill Barbone G2HKM & Gordon Blair G8VU standing by the 30kWatt TX they helped to build in the 1960s.
Photograph by John, G8DET

Many radio amateurs from around Essex visited the event where they met Marconi personal both still enployed and retired.

John G8DZH, Newsletter Editor of the Loughton & Epping ARS attended also and took a number of photographs which can be seen on their Web Site.

Many other Marconi Stations were on the air - see more about Marconi Day:-

  • IMD Organisers Website - Cornish Radio Amateur Club

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