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International Marconi Day - 2007

IMD-2007 at Sandford Mill

Marconi's Birthday was on the 25th April & the Cornish Amateur Radio Club G4IMD coordinate International Marconi Day as the nearest Saturday to the birthday - so this year it was the 28th April.

CARS provided the now traditional station in the 2MT Marconi Hut on SSB while the "upstairs station" was exclusively using the Key.

Additionally, Contest Manager Steve G4ZUL organised a Pre-Run for CARS first Contest outing for some 10 years when it is hoping to enter the Restricted Section of NFD on 2 & 3rd of June 2007.

As the whole of April, the day was warm (over 70F - 20C). During the morning of IMD an Earthquake of 4.3 on the Richter Scale was noted near Folkestone. Just about every QSL in the UK noted what a lovely day it was.

CARS as a Society operate as a "team" - the Aerial Erection Team put up the many aerials on Tuesday and Brian, G3CVI & John, G3VAM started IMD at Midnight GMT - the photographer was in bed, so no photos. By 10am GMT the shift had moved on to Ron & Denis.

Ron M3CAM logging with Denis M0FHA on the microphone
Photographs by John G8DET

They are using the usual long-wire aerial over the water course which surrounds the Mill. This contributes enormously to the strong signal which radiates from this site however this does not completely overcome the Sun Spot low cycle still which contributes to poor propagation conditions.

John G8DET logging and Andy, M3TIU on the microphone.
Andy is a communications expert & was working up to six at a time!

Malcolm logging with Jeremy on the microphone.

CARS President, Harry G5HF & Ethel who provided the NAFI facilities all day.
Here, Ethel is giving Steve, G4ZUL a cup of coffee.

Upstairs CW Station.
Harry G5HF (left) and Tony G4YTG (right)
listening to Charles, G0GJS who had just worked a VK station.

Tony reeling in his kite which had been used to rig the Pre-NFD Test Day aerial.

On NFD we will use different trees to those used today. One technique used is to drop a spoon over a nearby Oak Tree using the kite - another is to catapult a brick - another is to climb (too risky).   Why is it trees do not have ladders attached!

Checking the site for propagation.
Colin G0TRM (right), Gwyn G4FKH with Contest Manager Steve G4ZUL on the left.
Gwyn is very good on the key and keen on Propagation, see his articles in RadCom.

To provide a load on the generator to prevent it "hunting", a fan heater was used - they would not let it be used in the tent - I wonder why?

The 1.5kW Fan Heater - heating Essex (not allowed in the tent today!

The end of testing - taking the tent down.

Malcolm (left), Ken G7RFT Logging, Patrick, M0XAP on the microphone with Jeremy M0DUT looking on.

The day was getting to a close and everyone was tired having worked hundreds of Stations - hope the lots of QSOs resulted in many Marconi Day Awards.

A great team effort - thanks to everyone - send your QSL cards, preferably via the RSGB Bureau - Patrick (seen above) is the QSL Manager.

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